Rollouts October 2010

Brooke Wisdom

October 1, 2010

Your complete guide to new and updated equipment and supplies in the aggregates industry.

By Kerry Clines, Senior Editor

Doosan’s large crawler excavator

Doosan says its new 72.1-metric-ton crawler excavator is the largest one the company manufactures. Designed for heavy-duty mining and quarrying applications, the DX700LC is powered by a 463-horsepower turbocharged Isuzu diesel engine and has an operating weight of 158,953 pounds with standard boom and arm, 35.4-inch double grouser shoes, and a 4.32-cubic-yard bucket. Bucket breakout force is 78,485 pounds with the standard bucket; arm breakout force is 64,595 pounds.

The machine’s long carriage design, combined with the 13-foot, 11-inch width of the fully expanded undercarriage, is said to offer stability and safety in all applications. The excavator works efficiently on slopes with a high swing torque of 48,369 pounds and a swing speed of 7.1 revolutions per minute.


Engine 6-cyl., 463-hp turbocharged Isuzu diesel

Operating weight 158,953 pounds

Standard bucket size 4.32 cubic yards

Optional bucket sizes 3.27 to 5.89 cubic yards

Bucket breakout force 78,485 pounds

Arm breakout force 64,595 pounds

Swing torque 48,369 pounds

Swing speed 7.1 rpm

Drawbar pull 107,806 pounds

Max. digging reach 42 feet, 7 inches

Max. digging depth 27 feet, 7 inches

Dump height 27 feet, 4 inches

Max. travel speed 2.9 mph

A new control system includes four operating modes:

• Power mode for heavy-duty digging and loading;

• Standard mode for heavy-duty dumping, and for general and breaker operations;

• Economy mode for medium-duty digging, loading, and dumping; and

• Lifting mode for lifting pipes or beams.

The unit boasts a positive control piston pump and open center valve, which enable fine metering of hydraulic flow for smooth, precise control of machine functions. Flow regeneration conserves energy and enables increased boom and arm cycles. Boom and arm cylinders are cushioned to provide smooth end-of-stroke operation, while the holding system prevents attachments from falling when the controls are in neutral.

An automatic two-speed travel system controls travel speed and tractive force. In high range, maximum travel speed is 2.9 miles per hour.

The cab offers ergonomic controls and instrumentation. Joystick control stands raise and lower with the suspension seat while the seat itself slides forward and back to accommodate the operator. The unit is designed to keep machine noise levels as low as possible — noise level at the operator’s ear is 76 dBA, while noise level for bystanders is 108 dBA.

The machine features extended, 500-hour engine service intervals. Other maintenance features include:

• Wide side access doors;

• A large-capacity engine air pre-cleaner that removes airborne particles and extends filter cartridge service life;

• Dual fuel pre-cleaners, including a pre-filter that removes moisture from the fuel;

• A PC monitoring function that enables connection to the e-POS system.

The DX700LC is covered by a 48-hour parts guarantee — if a “machine-debilitating” part is needed, Doosan will deliver the part within two business days or pay for a replacement machine rental.

High-capacity screen

Smico Vibratory Screeners and Feeders says it designed and tested a new high-capacity screen. The standard large-capacity unit is 5 feet wide by 12 feet long with 360 square feet of screening area. The largest unit is 5 feet by 18 feet with 540 square feet of screening area. The screen imparts a vertical, bouncing motion and comes in a choice of three different brute force drive types — single-shaft elliptical drive, dual-shaft linear motion drive, and twin canned-motor style drive. These drives are said to be up to 30 percent more efficient than gyroscopic motion drive types.

Harp wire reduces downtime

Major Wire says its new LFM Harp Wire helps aggregate operations increase throughput over standard harp or piano wire while reducing downtime caused by worn wire cloth. The new wire is manufactured with straight wires firmly molded into polyurethane strips that hold the wires in place at the crown bar, eliminating steel-on-steel wear. The polyurethane strips are said to keep the wires equally tensioned, creating better wire vibration, reducing blinding, and increasing production of a cleaner aggregate. The company says its new wire handles high-impact loads better and lasts up to twice as long as conventional harp and piano wire.

Upgrade for idlers

The Bucyrus Flex Pal series is said to offer customers an easy upgrade path to Bucyrus-quality idlers for underground applications. Flex Pal rolls are easily integrated into existing structures, according to the company. The rolls are available in CEMA C and D ratings with 4-, 5-, and 6-inch diameters for belt widths ranging from 30 to 60 inches. The rolls can be used with carrying assemblies for roof-hung, floor-mounted, and wire-rope structure — all three types use Bucyrus handle and pin rail connections. No special tools are required for installation.

Severe-duty drive system

Magnetek, Inc.’s new M-Force SD500 Severe Duty AC Traction Drive System is designed to be connected to permanent magnet or induction AC motors for high efficiency at a wide range of motor speeds. The system incorporates a Mine Safety and Health Administration-approved display with enhanced graphics and external buttons for diagnostics and control. The external configuration controls allow system programming and reconfiguration, data recording, and troubleshooting within a permissible area.





Loader design refinements

Caterpillar says its new B-Series 3 skid-steer loaders (SSL) and multi-terrain loaders (MTL) — SSL models 216B3, 226B3, 236B3, 242B3, and 252B3, and MTL models 247B3 and 257B3 — incorporate design refinements that make them more capable, more reliable, safer, and easier to operate. Refinements include the following:

• A redesigned and relocated “dead-engine lower valve,” single electronic control module (ECM) for improved access and reliability;

• New ECM-enabled features, including automatic glow-plug activation, expanded diagnostic capability, and use of an optional on-demand cooling fan that spins the fan only as fast as required by the machine; and

• A standard, heavy-duty (880 CCA) battery.

Faster, deeper drilling

Atlas Copco says its new Excore diamond bit line achieves greater penetration rates with an extended service life, allowing faster, deeper drilling with less time wasted changing bits. The metallurgy and design of the bits allow them to be used in a wide range of applications, simplifying bit selection, and improving productivity and cash flow.

Simulator for surface and underground mining

Immersive Technologies released its next generation Advanced Equipment Simulators — the PRO3 for surface mining and the UG360 for underground mining. The PRO3 features a seamless 180-degree visual display system in combination with another feature that adjusts the perspective of the operator to provide a true real-world view outside the cab while increasing the operator’s level of depth perception. The company says its UG360 features a 360-degree visual system, making it the first of its kind to deliver the level of realism required for training. Both simulators are installed with new, highly responsive motion platforms that simulate the movement of mining equipment.

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