RollOuts October 2012


October 4, 2012

Your complete guide to new and updated equipment and supplies in the aggregates industry.


By Kerry Clines, Senior Editor


Operator friendly

John Deere says its 460E articulated truck is the largest, most operator friendly truck ever built. The largest of Deere’s E Series ADTs, the 46-ton 460E features a John Deere PowerTech 13.5L IT4 engine with 481 net horsepower. A purpose-built ZF transmission includes a high-capacity retarder, eight forward gears, and four reverse gears. The new axles are designed for heavy-duty applications and include on-the-fly differential locks and outboard planetaries, and each axle is independently pressure lubed and filtered. The axles use internal wet disc brakes with independent cooling circuits. If the differential lock system is allowed to run in automatic mode, when ground conditions get soft and difficult, the system will automatically control the axle differential locks as well as the inter-axle differential lock, all while the truck is still moving.

A newly designed stay-tight oscillation joint, high-suspension travel on all axles, and balanced weight distribution provide agility. To minimize rollover risk, the dump body can be restricted from rising when the rear chassis exceeds a predetermined slope angle. The truck also features centralized, true ground-level servicing to simplify daily maintenance.

The cab monitor provides an easy-to-read LCD screen with onboard diagnostics, analog/digital gauges, and vital system indicators. An auto shutdown feature turns off the engine after an owner-determined period of inactivity to help save fuel and reduce emissions, idle-time operation, and wear on the powertrain and hydraulics.

An onboard weighing system allows operators to view the weight and number of loads carried via JDLink. The system not only allows operators to track and optimize payload performance, but aids in maximizing the life of the tires and chassis. Mirror-mounted load indicator lights illuminate for the loading operator as the truck approaches capacity (yellow), is at capacity (green), or is overloaded (red).

A tire-pressure monitoring system helps maximize traction, tire life, and fuel efficiency. Access to JDLink Ultimate allows customers to check tire pressures remotely and receive alerts when the pressure gets too low or too high.



Durable, powerful screening

McCloskey says its R230 screener is one of the most robust, heavy-duty mobile screeners in the world. The machine is capable of operating as a stand-alone plant or as a primary scalping component for a portable crushing spread. The unit features a heavy-duty, high-energy screen box that raises at the lower end for easy bottom-deck access. Other features include a direct-feed, Hardox-lined hopper with a large loading area, a wide feed opening for the free flow of material and high-volume capacity, and a chute design that minimizes material spillage and blockages.

The machine is powered by a 225-horsepower, six-cylinder Cat C6.6 Tier III diesel engine. It offers track mobility, integrated-hydraulic folding stockpiling conveyors, travel-out walkways requiring no folding or disassembly for transport, and fast on-site setup time — as little as 10 minutes. Standing room inside the powerpack and an open-access service bay make maintenance and service easy, saving time and money. Additional options include a radio remote control for tracks, top-deck and bottom-deck finger screens, and a plate apron feeder rather than a belt feeder.



Transport length 54 feet, 11.7 inches

Transport width 9 feet, 10 inches

Transport height 11 feet, 5.8 inches

Weight – track 88,200 pounds

Hopper capacity 15 cubic yards

Screen box dimensions (top deck) 20 feet x 6 feet

Screen box dimensions (bottom deck) 18 feet x 6 feet



High-volume water tank

Philippi-Hagenbuch says its line of HiVol Water Tanks, designed to optimize capacity and enhance travel safety, is fully customizable to fit any off-highway articulated or rigid-frame truck. The tanks are engineered to maximize the truck’s capabilities with capacities ranging up to 60,000 gallons. An insulated version of the tank is available for cold-weather climates.



Abrasion-resistant wear liners

ASGCO’s Armorite wear liners are made out of abrasion-resistant, modular, high-wear material designed to handle tough, hard-rock mining. The wear liners can be used to line belts, feeders, grizzlies, chutes, and bin impact areas. Armorite is a combination of high chromium and molybdenum white iron, metallurgically bonded to a mild steel backing that cushions the white iron, enabling it to withstand impact. It is weldable with minimal preparation.



Oscillating screening bucket

The VTN Rotobec SB screening bucket screens material with an oscillating movement. Screens are mounted longitudinally inside the bucket and are offered in a wide variety of sizes. Screen opening sizes range from 1 to 4 inches and can be changed quickly for applications requiring multiple screen sizes. Three models are available and will fit excavators ranging from 14 to 45 tons, as well as wheel loaders.



Drilling-grade teeth

Paladin’s new drilling-grade, carbide, conical Strata teeth are designed to withstand tough drilling conditions. All Strata series teeth use proprietary grade carbide developed specifically for vertical drilling applications. The specific grade of tungsten carbide uses a same-size, same-shape grain structure and is said to allow a very uniform pattern free of impurities. The company says most customers are seeing up to a 40-percent increase in linear drill footage production, as well as an increase in the life cycle of the teeth.



 Extended simulator training

Immersive Technologies released the Cat 795F AC Mining Truck Conversion Kit for simulators, including Pro3. Through an exclusive agreement with Caterpillar, Immersive Technologies collaborated with Cat engineers in the development of the kit to achieve a high level of accuracy and training effectiveness.



Cordless belt cutter

Flexco’s new cordless belt cutter is designed to provide quick and easy cuts on rubber, PVC, and fabric-plied belts. The CEBC1 is capable of cutting rubber belts up to 1-inch thick and PVC belts up to 360 P.I.W (pounds per inch of width). The CEBC2 is capable of cutting rubber belts up to 2 inches thick and PVC belts up to 1,140 P.I.W. The high-speed, steel blade produces smooth, accurate cuts and is protected by a spring-loaded blade guard for worker safety.



Crawler carrier line

Rig Source Inc.’s new Terramac RT9 rubber-track, multi-purpose carrier has an 18,000-pound carrying capacity and is equipped with a 230-horsepower Cummins diesel engine. Available in open- and closed-cab options, the unit includes ROPS and FOPS components. Ground pressure when fully loaded is only 4.9 pounds per square inch. Easy-to-mount front and rear bolt-on attachments can accommodate a variety of applications. The unit has a 17-foot, 7-inch overall length and is 8 feet, 5 inches wide with a 9-foot, 3-inch height and 20-inch minimum ground clearance. Travel speed is 4.7 to 7 miles per hour with a 10-foot turning radius.



Earth-mover tires

Mitas has extended its family of ERL/ERD tire sizes with the addition of new earth-mover tires for wheel loaders, dozers, graders, dumpers, and scrapers. The tire’s large surface area is said to improve the life of the tire. The ERL-50 tread is designed for rocky conditions. All of the new line is radial with a steel-enforced carcass and steel breakers. The tires are made in the Czech Republic and are available worldwide.




High-performance rubber door

Rytec Corp. says its new Powerhouse rubber door, premiered at MINExpo, is practically maintenance free. It is engineered without springs, counterbalance, or wear parts. Its drive system is capable of high speeds to enable rapid access and minimize building exposure. Should the door take a hit, it is said to release without damage and restore to full operation with just the push of a button. The engineered styrene butadiene rubber roll-up panel and heavy-duty construction are virtually indestructible, according to the company. It features tight, full-perimeter seals and resistance to wind loads, along with user safety protection.



Transporting system

Sleipner displayed its system for transporting tracked excavators in open-pit mines and quarries at MINExpo. The system is based on axles and heavy tires with ramps. With the aid of the system and a haul truck, an excavator can easily and quickly be moved to another location, reducing wear on the excavator’s undercarriage and tracks. There are 11 models covering excavator weights from 30 to 550 tons. Most models incorporate different ramp sizes to fit different excavator brands and models. The newest model, E550, is the biggest one and can move 550-ton and larger excavators.




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