Top Rollouts of the Year

Hundreds of products are introduced to the aggregates market each year, but only a limited few actually change how producers run their operation. Each year, our staff highlights the top, innovative products introduced to the market.

When we ask readers how we can best help them keep track of changes in the products and services they use to produce aggregates, almost everyone wants an annual short list of the really important stuff. No wonder. The sheer volume of introductions is overwhelming. Aggregates Manager covers hundreds of products each year in its RollOuts departments and Supply Lines features. So each year, our staff reviews all the product introductions we’ve covered for the past year (our Top RollOuts “year” actually runs from the December  issue through the November issue) to pick out 25 that we believe are worth further review. Our priorities are new concept products — which are rare — new series/ new generation products in categories that relate to the aggregates industry, and other rollouts which serve our readers’ interests by increasing competition in a product category. Inevitably, we omit deserving products, either because we just didn’t understand the significance of the product or because the announcing company didn’t communicate what was special about the product, or both. In either case, we apologize in advance for these omissions.

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