Rollouts September 2010

Brooke Wisdom

September 1, 2010

Your complete guide to new and updated equipment and supplies in the aggregates industry.

By Kerry Clines, Senior Editor


Fuel-efficient crawler dozers

Komatsu’s new line of D65-16 crawler dozers are powered with a fuel-efficient 8.27-liter Komatsu SAA6D114E-3 engine that pushes with a net 205 horsepower at 1,950 revolutions per minute. Operating weight ranges from 43,690 to 48,940 pounds. The new dozers feature the Sigmadozer blade; an automatic transmission with torque converter; a new six-way, power angle tilt blade; and the Komtrax fleet monitoring system.

Three-product screen

KPI-JCI’s redesigned FT6203CC-3 track-mounted, closed-circuit horizontal screen, replacing the FT6203CC, creates three products instead of two while still maintaining the ability to return oversize material in a closed-circuit operation. Redesigned features include I-beam construction for improved strength, more ground clearance, larger tracks for greater load capacity, a more elaborate and user-friendly blending system, and a bogey attachment that allows increased portability.

Hydraulic breaker ventilation system

Atlas Copco says its new carrier-integrated breaker ventilation system delivers additional air to the breaker, minimizing the risk of extensive wear. The system installs using a simple hydraulic connection to the carrier, requires no separate tow-behind air compressor or additional air hose, is synchronized with the hydraulic breaker, and is said to operate without emissions.

Portable material loader

EarthCorp Industries says its new multi-use loading equipment (MULE) systems can be customized to meet specific loading needs. The 26-, 30-, or 40-foot systems have a non-folding main conveyor with folding clam shell hopper, 48-inch feed belt, and 35-horsepower diesel engine. The systems can be towed behind a standard pick-up truck and can be set up and ready to feed in minutes.

Attach/remove hopper quickly

IRock Crushers’ new Hydraset Hopper is designed to attach and remove the hopper/feeder module as a unit without the aid of any outside lifting devices, allowing the entire module to be detached and transported in minutes, not hours or days. The system has its own internal power pack for operating the removal or installation process. The company says the system can be safely and easily loaded on a trailer, moved, and reassembled with the crushing unit by one person.

Rugged, affordable slurry pump

GIW Industries says its new ZW Pump Series has proven to be a durable, low-maintenance, and affordable pump for vertical sump requirements. Features include a double-suction vertical design, a top- and bottom-suction design that allows it to run continuously in a “snore” condition to provide consistent pump action and reduce pump stress, and a semi-open impeller design that permits large solids to pass freely.

Flexible, side-dump bucket

The JRB Side Dump Bucket, manufactured by Paladin Construction Group, provides wheel loader operators with the flexibility of dumping material from many angles. One side of the bucket is shaped like a standard bucket to hold material, while the other side has a 45-degree, side-shoot dumping angle that allows full side dumping and angle backfilling. The bucket carries up to 4 cubic yards and is available in left- and right-hand dump functions.


Accurate continuous weighing

Cardinal Scale Mfg. Co.’s new 825-CBW continuous bulk weigher is a compact control package for continuous weighing of bulk materials. The control package includes an 825 Spectrum weight indicator, software package, and tape printer. Display features include an interactive touch screen, color-coded QWERTY keyboard for data entry, pictorial representation of the bulk weigher and gates, target weight to be filled, total drafts required, navigation keys, and multiple language selection.

Enhanced sensitivity in metal detection

Eriez says its new Metalarm MA3600 Metal Detector with pulse induction technology provides balanced coil detection sensitivity and performance. Available in two models, the Hawk and Eagle, the units are microprocessor based with self diagnostics and fault indication. Features include local or remote on/off, sensitivity control, healthy signal relay, trip counter, hile pile detector, and various reject systems that can be added.

Remote-control conveyor mobility

The new track-mounted mobile pivot base from Superior Industries delivers free-ranging conveyor movement. The unit is self-contained and powered by an onboard 48-horsepower Deutz diesel engine with a 30-gallon fuel and hydraulic oil tank. Features include wireless remote control operation and heavy-duty, hydraulic-drive rubber tracks nearly 9 feet in length. A two-axis gimbal provides maximum stability and rotational freedom on uneven ground or rugged terrain.

Tires now available in North America

The new Michelin X-Traction tires from Michelin Earthmover Tires are now available in North America. The E4 tires are designed for earthmover transport equipment operating in rocky terrain. Two new technologies — a new cooling system shoulder design and C2 Technology casing architecture — reduce heat build up, allowing trucks to operate continuously at higher speeds. Features include up to a 13-percent deeper tread and thicker under-tread rubber for resistance to cuts and impacts.




Special articulation system

Doosan says its Moxy MT41 articulated dump truck offers high horsepower per ton of loaded weight, a free-swinging rear tandem bogie, and a special articulation system for outstanding productivity and driving performance. The truck’s 444-horsepower Scania diesel engine provides a power-to-weight ratio of 6.38 horsepower per ton and an 82,010-pound payload capacity. Other features include permanent six-wheel drive, independent front-wheel suspension for better traction, a sloping body for low center of gravity, a fully automatic transmission with six forward and three reverse speeds, and a top speed of 32.9 miles per hour in high range and 21.1 miles per hour in low range.

Economical on-site mobility

Superior Industries’ new Single-Wheel Drive conveyor mobility option offers greater flexibility for mobile in-pit conveyors operating in conjunction with a mobile crusher. It also delivers mobility for bin or bunker loading operations and small rail or barge loading facilities. The drive is designed for radial travel at the base of the conveyor. Operated manually or via an optional wireless remote system, the unit is easily steerable. The unit hydraulically lifts for storage under the conveyor.

Expanded breaker size range

The HB 2000 and HB 4700 heavy hydraulic breakers round out Atlas Copco’s range of HB breakers to cover modern excavator sizes. The HB 2000 has a service weight of 4,409 pounds and offers 10 percent more power than its predecessor, the HB 2200. The HB 4700 has a service weight of 10,362 pounds. Both breakers offer features such as VibroSilenced System, AutoControl, ContiLube II System, StartSelect, and the optional DustProtector, as well as the PowerAdapt system that shuts down the breaker when oil pressure exceeds maximum input value.

High-horsepower haul truck

Terex says its new TA300 articulated truck boasts the highest horsepower and torque in its class and is the only 30-ton hauler that comes standard with a fully independent front suspension system. The truck features a 385-horsepower, Tier 3-compliant Cummins diesel engine; a ZF fully automatic transmission with manual override; a maximum torque of 1,309 foot-pounds at 1,400 revolutions per minute; and a 100-percent differential locking action that enables the truck to tackle challenging grades and extreme site conditions with ease.

Easy-to-read display

Rice Lake’s LaserLT remote weight display has a five-button keypad that can remotely change units, gross/net, tare, zero, and print. The large 1½-inch display is fully adjustable for effortless viewing at up to 50 feet. The unit is daisy-chainable for linking multiple units to a single indicator/controller and installs easily with any electronic weight indicator or peripheral equipment using fiber-optic, Ethernet, or wireless methods. Six easy-to-read enunciators and an added red and green stop/go feature boost communication and expand versatility.

Visual blade-wear gauge

Flexco’s new conveyor belt cleaner, the Rockline EZP-LS Limited Space Precleaner, is a compact version of the company’s current precleaners — the low-profile design boasts the same material path options, and visual tension check. The belt cleaner also features a visual blade-wear gauge built into the tensioner. The 4.5-inch-high blade features the patented, faceted ConShear blade profile that allows the blade to renew its cleaning edge as it wears, and the one-pin blade replacement feature is said to allow easy servicing.

Floating conveyor

TCI Manufacturing’s new floating transfer conveyors are designed to work with the company’s bucket dredge. The conveyors are built with a swivel point for dredge movement and a radial-type receiving hopper. Other features include a head-end turn style, head-end discharge hood, and a catwalk and handrails around the head end and down the drive side of the conveyor.

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