ROTEX Global, LLC Offers Free, Confidential Material Testing Service


January 23, 2012

CINCINNATI, OH—ROTEX Global, LLC offers confidential laboratory services to provide companies with the information needed to achieve maximum screening efficiency. Fully-equipped laboratories in the United States and Europe conduct free, confidential material testing services, comprehensive separation analysis, and in-depth studies and sieve analysis. Rotex partners with customers to determine optimum machine sizes, screen openings, and machine settings.

“We have over 200 years of combined application experience in our laboratory,” said Dan Ferris, engineering sales manager at Rotex Global. “Our experience and understanding of the complete process—upstream and downstream—in hundreds of different applications enable us to provide customers with the data they need to improve production and screening efficiency for their unique environment.”

“Rotex has delivered accurate field correlations for more than 100 years. Our experience allows us to tailor each machine to customers’ specific needs,” continued Ferris. “In fact, a Rotex screener has never been returned for not delivering the performance predicted in lab trials,” he added.

Selecting the proper screening equipment requires careful evaluation of many variables, including: machine size and footprint, feed rate, speed of the machine, screen mesh size, capacity, accuracy of separation, material characteristics, etc. With material testing, Rotex verifies that each customer is making the correct decision on equipment, screens, and settings for their application and environment. Often, customers visit their local Rotex laboratory during the material tests so they can see first-hand how their materials screen under varying operating conditions.

Using comprehensive separation analysis, Rotex replicates customer processes and production scenarios so that recommendations to achieve maximum production, to generate the most on-spec product, and to produce the highest possible yield can be made.

Rotex Global also offers in-depth studies and sieve analysis using a patented PC-controlled particle size analyzer that fully automates the sieve analysis process. The Gradex® automated sieve analyzer delivers accurate test results; each test is weighed the same, each sieve is brushed the same, and each sample is handled in the same manner. The test results are calculated using Microsoft Windows® based software that automatically generates a printable test report.

For more information on Rotex Lab Services or to submit materials for free testing services, complete the online form.


ROTEX Global, LLC, is a pioneer and global leader in the development of screening equipment and technology for the process industries. Rotex offers an innovative line of separation equipment that includes: Gyratory and Vibratory Screeners and Sifters for Dry Applications, Liquid-Solid Separators for Wet Applications, Automated Particle Size Analyzers, and Vibratory Feeders and Conveyors. In addition, ROTEX® Parts & Service offers a full range of genuine parts and refurbishment services.

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