ROTEX GRADEX® 3000 Provides Fully Automatic Sieve Analysis For The Gradation Of Aggregate Material


March 2, 2010

6efe2118-1c23-41d6-99e2-165CINCINNATI, OH (March 1, 2010)—The GRADEX® 3000 Particle Size Analyzer from ROTEX Global, LLC expands quality control programs by providing reliable, fully automatic sieve analysis for the gradation of aggregate material. The GRADEX 3000 lowers costs by reducing the need for additional manpower and by reducing the amount of technician time required to perform testing.

Ideal for classifying materials such as sand, gravel, or crushed stone, the patented, PC-controlled GRADEX 3000 provides analysis and a complete data printout—making consistent, reliable testing a reality for today’s quality-conscious producers. Test and product quality are improved and operator error is virtually eliminated. With the “AutoFeed” feature, technicians are free to perform other work while up to six samples are tested automatically.

The operation of the GRADEX 3000 is so automatic that it can be used at the point of the sample in the production line, enabling operators to perform the analysis right on the plant floor, and use the results immediately without waiting for a laboratory test response.

The GRADEX 3000 provides highly consistent results because the same shaking, brushing and weighing procedure is repeated on each sample. The GRADEX 3000 also eliminates transposition and calculation errors by automatically classifying and weighing each sieve fraction, calculating and storing weight values. The data is then reported to a PC, where it is stored in a format compatible with most customer operating systems.

The GRADEX 3000 analyzes up to 13 fractions utilizing a stack of standard, 12″ diameter, half-height, round test sieves that can be easily changed to meet specific test requirements.

To determine exactly how much money and time the GRADEX® 3000 Particle Size Analyzer from ROTEX Global can save your company, use the GRADEX Analysis Wizard at

To find out how the GRADEX® can increase your productivity, contact ROTEX Global, LLC, 1230 Knowlton St., Cincinnati, OH 45223,, 1-800-453-2321, Fax 513-541-4888, or email

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