Rotobec™s 80 SM loader


November 30, -0001

Rotobec™s 80 SM loader is very popular with saw mills, sandpit and carbon and aggregate quarry operators, as well as in scrap material transfer centres. It combines power, ease of operation and excellent lift capacity.

The Rotobec 80 SM can be mounted onto a fixed, concrete platform, powered by an electric power unit and controlled either by remote, or by an operator seated in the loader.


  • Selecting and Sorting
  • Wood Loading, Unloading
  • Conveyor straightening
  • Handling of shortwood
  • Handling different sizes and types of logs
  • Handling of smooth, debarked shortwood
  • Handling of metal scrap and materials for recycling
  • Handle waste materials in transfer stations as compaction of the waste material
  • Pick up debris and bulk materials


  • Paper mills
  • General contractors
  • Station operators in sandpits, carbon quarries, etc.
  • Waste collection companies, municipalities, etc.




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