RuPaul meets rock

Therese Dunphy

July 17, 2013


If you thought it was tough to get a permit in California, try Australia. A NIMBY group there, No Blasted Quarry, has taken the fundraising aspect of fighting quarries to a place it’s never gone before: drag queen bingo.

Noosa News reports that, while the group has also used more traditional sources such as collecting scrap metal, raffles and rock concerts to raise a $200,000 fund, more colorful fundraising options have also been employed.

The operator, Parklands Blue Metal, was originally denied a permit in 2011. Its appeal will be heard in the Planning and Environment Court later this month, and anti-quarrying groups are pulling out all the stops.

Neighborhood protest groups frequently pose a challenge to operators, but this particular group certainly puts a new face to the idea of neighborhood protests.

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