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March 1, 2009

Staying on top of the latest safety trends and products is a priority for the aggregates industry. Here are just a few of the products on the market today.

by Kerry Clines, Senior Editor

Intec Video Systems

Water proof display

Intec Video Systems Inc. says its CVD640LCD waterproof color display is the first of its kind in the rear-vision camera industry. The display is not damaged by spills in the cab of a vehicle or by exposure to outdoor elements. It can be placed in both enclosed and open-air cabs.

Safety Vision

Rainproof camera system

The SV-LCD-70RP from Safety Vision L.P. is a rainproof collision-avoidance camera system suitable for inside or outside use. The company says the camera provides a convenient view of critical blind spots to allow safe maneuvering. The system activates automatically when the vehicle starts or is put in reverse. A microphone built into the camera allows people behind the vehicle to communicate with the driver.


Conveyor inspection doors

ASGCO Manufacturing Inc. says its new chute inspection and access doors allow for safe visual inspection of conveyor equipment while the conveyor is running. An operator can look through the removable inspection screen guard, standard on every door, to check the condition of the equipment inside the chute without access to moving parts and the risk of injury. The surfaces slope away from the door panel on the interior side of the screen to prevent material build-up from accumulating, reducing fire hazards.

Traden/Motion Industries

Lightweight belt clamp

The patented Traden Belt Clamp, available through Motion Industries Inc., differs from other belt clamps, says the company, because it grips the inside of a belt to help prevent tearing. The clamps are made of cast steel for strength, yet are lightweight enough to allow workers to carry the clamping mechanisms up cat walks with less chance of back injury.

Checkers Industrial Safety Products

Heavy-duty wheel chocks

Checkers Industrial Safety Products says its Monster heavy-duty wheel chocks are specifically designed for the mining and construction industries – strong, safe, and lightweight, yet hold the largest haul trucks. The wheel chocks are made from urethane and feature a large, open-top, recessed scoop handle for easy transport. They will not cause tire damage and are virtually unaffected by oils, fuels, or solvents, says the company.

Vista Training

Safety training programs

A new 40-page catalog from Vista Training Inc. features hundreds of safety and skills training programs for those involved with heavy equipment, construction, and mining. New programs include adding life to haul truck tires and PC-based simulator programs for wheel loader operation and haul trucks. The conveyor series for aggregate operations includes safe conveyor operation and conveyor maintenance safety.


Safety law manual

Safepro Inc.’s electronic law manual, Metal/Nonmetal Federal Mine and Quarry Safety Law, Surface/Underground, Edition V, is available as a printed manual and a fully searchable CD. The CD includes information on: The ACT, 30 CFR, The Standards, Guide to Miners’ Rights and Responsibilities, The MSHA Policy Manual, and FOIA Law, as well as procedures to obtain the inspector’s notes. A bonus Case Law CD is included.


Polyethylene hats/caps

MSA’s new V-Gard caps and hats include a polyethylene shell and offer a choice of suspension system and size. The company says they meet or exceed all ANSI Z89.1-2003 and CSA Z94.1-2005 applicable requirements for a Type I helmet. An array of accessories is available to meet individual protection needs.

Miller Electric

Auto-darkening helmets

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. says its new Digital Elite Series auto-darkening welding helmets with X-Mode technology automatically differentiate between sunlight and the welding arc in outdoor applications. Digital controls allow users to switch between four programmable modes – welding, cutting, grinding, and X-Mode. The helmets are lightweight and come with five outside and two inside replacement cover lenses, a fatigue-reducing comfort cushion, and helmet bag.

Red Wing Shoes

Comfortable toe protection

Red Wing Shoes says its boot style #2235 features a King Toe toe box with 44 percent more room than standard work boots for more comfort. The non-metallic toe doesn’t conduct cold or electricity like steel and won’t set off metal detectors. Uppers are full grain leather; sole is oil/slip resistant.

Also available is boot style #6674 (pictured) with hiker styling for today’s young worker and an aluminum toe cap 31 percent lighter than steel. The company guarantees the boot to be waterproof, even in the wettest conditions.

Checkers Industrial

Vehicle warning flags

Flagstaff Warning Whips from Checkers Industrial Safety Products attach to any on- or off-road vehicle to warn others of a vehicle’s presence. Each warning whip includes a flexible whip with an orange flag and mounting base for vehicle attachment. Standard whip lengths range from 3 to 12 feet; extensions are available for some models.

Osborne Coinage

Custom coins

Osborne Coinage says its custom coins help raise safety awareness at industrial facilities. The coins can be used as a recognition device and can be coupled with other rewards. According to Osborne, companies that have used the coins had fewer lost-time accidents, fewer workers comp claims, and fewer motor vehicle accidents, which resulted in lower insurance premiums.

Company       Reader Service #

ASGCO Manufacturing Inc.              3

Checkers Industrial Safety Products 5, 11

Intec Video Systems Inc.                   1

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.                      9

MSA                                                   8

Osborne Coinage                                12

Red Wing Shoes                                 10

Safepro Inc.                                        7

Safety Vision L.P.                              2

Traden/Motion Industries                   4

Vista Training Inc.                              6

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