Safety Vision, LLC Appoints Lawrence Rominger as Chief Operating Officer


March 30, 2010

LRomingerHouston TX—Safety Vision, a global provider of mobile video surveillance, today announced the recent appointment of Lawrence S. Rominger as Chief Operating Officer (COO). Rominger joined the Houston-headquartered firm in February. He oversees the procurement, warehouse, service, and field technician arms of the company and will be responsible for ensuring best practices are institutionalized throughout operations, supply chain, and other support departments. His professional background is rich with new product development and industrial manufacturing experience gained at notables Black & Decker, Sunbeam, General Cable, and Igloo Products Inc.

One month in, Rominger is deftly scaling the learning curve, coming up to speed on Safety Vision’s sophisticated mobile video surveillance technology and diverse fleet customer needs. He credits the Safety Vision workforce with easing his transition. “We have a well-educated staff at every level of the organization, from our outstanding group of field and service technicians to a world-class, in-house engineering department. It’s a good fit: I’m learning quickly from my new colleagues, while I’m bringing proven industry tools that will help our team improve efficiencies and further standardize and streamline our process. As a soccer player and coach, I adhere to the team ethic and strive for camaraderie and aggressiveness, with the customer as a major player on our team.”

Says Safety Vision CEO Bruce Smith, “Lawrence’s clear-sighted business acumen and operational expertise will be a valuable resource for all of us—customer, supplier, and Visionary alike. Safety Vision supports a widely diverse and complex clientele across the mobile landscape. As a leader in the industry, we are committed to a culture of continuous improvement and a passion for serving our customers to the best of our ability. I am confident Lawrence will help Safety Vision reach the next level in operational performance and clearly distinguish us as the premium mobile video solution provider.”

A graduate of NC State and Wake Forest Universities in North Carolina, Rominger has called the Houston area home for the past 7 years, indicating his family is “really rooted in” to Pearland. In addition to being a handyman, musician, and weekend athlete, he serves as an assistant scoutmaster for Boy Scout troop 414. Both of his sons are musicians, athletes, and boy scouts as well, but Rominger claims that it’s his wife Susan that enables the men in her family to “get it all done.”

About Safety Vision, LLC

Serving transit, police, school bus, and other public and private sector fleets since 1993, Safety Vision provides comprehensive mobile video solutions that enhance visibility, improve safety, protect assets, and reduce liability. Systems include onboard surveillance and collision avoidance camera systems. Components include mobile digital video recorders (MDVRs); rear-, side-, and forward-view interior and exterior cameras featuring infrared technology; video-viewing and -sharing software; and in-cab monitors. Advanced surveillance system technology enables the secure capture, automated wireless download, and simplified backend management of video, audio, and other evidentiary data.

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