Sampling requirements may change for Iowa operators

Therese Dunphy

February 11, 2013

Members of the Iowa Limestone Producers Association (ILPA) met with IDALS Director of Regulatory Steven Moline, Feed and Fertilizer Bureau Chief Randy Watts, and Fertilizer Administrator Neal Vaughn to cap ongoing discussions on aglime sampling and testing. Rockbuster News reports that budget cuts, coupled with expanded regulatory duties, have led to resource reallocation. 

As a result, the Bureau is proposing a change to section 43.21(1) of the Administrative Rules Section 21-43.20(201) of Agricultural Lime. The change would reduce the number of lime as follows.

Sampling of a permanent location:

  • Current requirement–one per month.
  • Proposed requirement–one to five samples per year.

Sampling of a portable location:

  • Current requirement–one the first week of production, then one per week until five are taken, then one per month.
  • Proposed requirement–should take one sample while producing with a total of three to five samples from production or stockpile.

Notice to inspector:

  • Current requirement–seven calendar days.
  • Proposed requirement–seven calendar days.

ILPA says that the method of sampling, belt or stockpile, would remain the same. The association is asking its members to contact the Feed and Fertilizer Bureau Chief via email each time they contact the inspector asking for a sample to be taken.

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