San Rafael Rock Quarry receives asphalt permit

July 24, 2013

(Photo: Alan Dep/Marin Independent Journal)
(Photo: Alan Dep/Marin Independent Journal)

The Marin County Board of Supervisors last week unanimously voted to allow the San Rafael Rock Quarry to recycle asphalt from road projects in Marin County, California, according to a report from Marin Independent Journal.

Supervisor Susan Adams, who brought up the motion, said the board would not extend the permit in two years unless the quarry is in compliance with all 173 conditions regulating quarry operations.

Prior to the vote, several neighbors expressed opposition to the plan, voicing concern that allowing the quarry to recycle the asphalt could intensify operations.

Following the vote, Adams said the decision is important to the county, pointing out that not allowing the quarry to recycle the asphalt could leave Marin County short on resources for the $3 million repaving project on North San Pedro Road.

Point San Pedro Road Coalition spokesperson Dave Crutcher said the coalition is “inclined” to go to court, pointing to a court order that prohibits importing asphalt material. However, Marin County lawyers said the order is no longer in effect.

The permit allows the the San Rafael Rock Quarry to collect paving “grindings” left over from county repavement projects. The quarry can then stockpile up to 38,200 tons of the ground asphalt at the quarry site and recycle it into asphalt products there. The permit would not alter the 250-trip limit on trucks entering and leaving the quarry.

Aimi Dutra Krause, whose family owns the quarry, said she estimates the permit would reduce truck mileage by 27,400 miles this summer alone, promoting sustainability and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

“Most importantly there is not going to be an increase in operations,” Krause added.

Board members also noted the permit would help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and costs while promoting recycling and increasing efficiency.

“I too think there is some significant public benefit,” Supervisor Kate Sears said.

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