Scale Watcher II New Anti-Theft Optional Module


September 2, 2010

JWS now offers an integrated solution for providing photo verification of the weighing process. When Apex sends a print signal to the printer, it activates the camera to take a digital still photo of the vehicle on the scale. The ticket information is then superimposed on the captured image which can later be moved to the central office using Apex Data Replication.


  • Easy retrieval of the photos by ticket number
  • Provides ironclad proof of vehicle pickup without signatures
  • Optional anti-theft module captures anomalous events
  • Ability to print or e-mail photos to customers
  • Single images along with raw video are stored for a complete accounting of any incident
  • Ticket information on the video image is customizable
  • Compatible with Apex software
  • Multiple cameras may be utilized
  • Total site security is available with add-on cameras
  • Accessible via the Web

ROI may be as short as 1 year.

The base ‘Scale Watcher’ system provides hardware, software and (1) year software maintenance for one camera and one scale. The base system is capable of handling up to four PC hardware. More than four cameras requires a software and hardware upgrade.

New Anti-Theft Features

Valve Sensing

Scale Watcher II now allows your DVS to “listen” for when the valve/gates open and close to release your product from your silos and no ticket is generated from the software, then a Valve Alert will be captured with photos of the truck that was being loaded. You can also configure the system to automatically e-mail real-time alerts if desired.

Scale Sensing

Our new technology now allows your DVS to “listen” for tucks pulling on and off the scale. If one of the below events occur, a photo of the scale event will be captured and an e-mail alert can be generated.

Alert Triggers

  • No Ticket- Truck was on the scale and left but no ticket was generated.
  • Tare Weight Contamination– Tare weight was above the treshold.
  • Gross Ticket Mismatch– The max weight read from the scale was not within a reasonable difference from the actual ticket weight.
  • Overweight– The weight read from the scale exceeds the vehicle’s designated GVW.
  • Scale Connection Lost/Restored– DVS cannot communicate with scale indicator.

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