Strategic placement of scales can keep your profits on track

Therese Dunphy

September 20, 2016


Protection against adverse conditions

Cardinal Scale’s Guardian Hydraulic Truck Scales offer a high level of protection against many of the conditions that can adversely affect truck scale installations. Water, lightning, power surges, explosive areas, shock loading, and extreme temperature fluctuations can cause scale problems, all at a cost to the owner. Cardinal Scale manufactures its own stainless steel SST hydraulic load cells for all Guardian truck scales. These load cells carry a lifetime warranty when installed by an authorized dealer. They are said to offer the highest level of protection possible. Concrete or steel deck options are available. Both options offer solid decks that stand up to heavy loads. Every scale is 100-percent factory assembled and tested before shipping.

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Easily installed belt scales

To address limitations of traditional, load-cell based belt scales, Etheridge Automation developed a new solution for the aggregates industry: Etheridge Software Scales. They are designed for installation in the motor starter of the conveyor, with no electrical components outside of the MCC and with no moving parts. They are said to be easy to install and offer automatic calibration and are easily transferrable from one conveyor to another. Accuracy is not compromised over time, and production can be measured accurately and reliably.

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Safe, secure scale management software

DataBridge Vehicle scale management software, from Mettler Toledo, gives users control of scale functions on their computer and stores a detailed record of each weighing transaction. From standard functions, such as generating reports and tickets, to advanced options, such as unattended terminal controls, invoicing, and image capture, this highly configurable package offers a powerful tool for capturing and analyzing data. Good data management software eliminates the inaccuracies of hand-written transactions and offers a safe, secure option for businesses to accurately track loads.

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Dependable, flexible performance

Rice Lake Weighing Systems says the Survivor ATV truck scale delivers durability, longevity, and consistency, with the added feature of portability. It features a low 20-inch profile and provides easy setup and expandability for aggregate operations when portability is needed. The factory-wired, self-contained modules streamline installation, relocation, and expansion. The pre-assembled modules and self-seating hinge connectors are the key to its easy portability. Scale systems can range from 24 feet long to more than 160 feet long. Standard end-positioned clean outs ease debris removal to help maintain scale accuracy.

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Precision belt scales

For weighing and totalizing continuous flow rates of sand, gravel, crushed rock, or other bulk material up to 15,000 tons per hour, the Schenck Process BEMP Single Idler Belt Scale is said to combine quality, performance, and affordability in a modular package. Suitable for conveyors using 18- to 60-inch-wide CEMA idlers, the BEMP mounts to conveyor frame using only four bolts. Utilizing two NTEP-approved single point load cells with rated capacities up to 660 pounds and the INTECONT Satus Integrator, accuracies of ±1 percent of total weight are possible. Fieldbus connections to operation management personnel are also available.

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Loader scales offer improved metrics

Trimble Loadrite says its L2180 loader scale introduces a new range of metrics to empower the operator to perform and improve overall equipment effectiveness. These metrics help the operator improve accuracy and efficiency each day, compare with personal bests, and provide a real-time star rating. Metrics cover loading accuracy, consistency, and safety to encourage operators to monitor performance and improve. They can be used throughout an operation, in both the pit and loadout zone.

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