Scheduled quarry blast shakes homes, businesses in Wisconsin

August 21, 2013

blastingResidents and workers in De Pere and Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin, felt the effects of a quarry blast last Thursday morning, according to

The blast, which took place August 15 at about 9:40 a.m., caused a loud booming sound and shook buildings in the two towns.

Brown County officials said the blast at Ebbens Quarry in Hobart had been scheduled. A dispatcher told that the quarry’s owner had notified the county that the blast would occur on Thursday morning.

De Pere Police Chief Derek Beiderwieden said officers checked the western part of the city after receiving several calls about rumbling and vibrating buildings. Beiderwieden said the officers did not find any damage.

Nelson Ham, professor of geology and environmental science at St. Norbert College, said the area’s location on top of Niagara Escarpment could have helped carry blast vibrations and sounds.

Ham said he was in his home when he heard a noise that sounded like it had come from upstairs.

“I clearly remember … a quick shaking of the house, and my first thought was that my daughter had jumped off her bed,” Ham said. “My second thought was that it was a quarry blast.”

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