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March 1, 2013

By Therese Dunphy, Editor-in-Chief


This month, aggregate operators have an annual opportunity to send their best and brightest to learn from industry experts at AGG1 Aggregates Academy & Expo, held March 19-21 in San Antonio. Educational tracks are available in a variety of areas including operations and production; automation, technology, and software; business management; and environment, safety, and health. In addition, new products and technologies are often rolled out at the show, and manufacturers who serve the industry are there to explain new features and answer questions (see page 6 for much more coverage). It’s truly a once-per-year opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

Savvy aggregate managers should view AGG1 as an investment in their most important asset, their people. That said, a little pre- and post-planning can maximize the impact of attendance. If, for example, you’re sending your up-and-coming plant foreman, don’t just say, “You get to go.” Instead, think about the site where he works and develop an agenda that is tailored to the employee and the site. Is the mobile equipment there looking a little long in the tooth? Send him to “Managing High Hour Mobile Equipment Fleets and Practical Best Practices.”

The same holds true for crushing, screening, conveying, or whatever makes sense for your personnel and operation. Be sure to include a hit list of exhibits that feature equipment on your wish list. But here’s the key: when he comes back from San Antonio, ask him to provide some takeaways. Ask for key points from educational seminars that can be shared with peers at other sites; or if it’s an ESH manager, ask what safety tips or reclamation suggestions can be communicated throughout the organization. Make sure what happens in San Antonio finds its way back to your site, because that’s what training and education are all about.

The staff here at Aggregates Manager will be busy tweeting, posting, and blogging from the show. If you haven’t seen the newly redesigned website,, be sure to check it out. While you’re there, subscribe to our new e-newsletter, Daily Scoop. Just click on this button and scroll to the newsletter subscription form. We’ll be sharing news from the show floor each day. See you in San Antonio!


3 things I learned from this issue:


1. Floor space for AGG1 has been sold out since January, page 6.


2. When changing crusher mantles, two or three standard shape mantles may be used before switching to an oversize mantle, page 20.


3. Nearly 30 percent of guarding-related injuries occur because of mishandling of guards, page 27.









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