Sectionworks – Road, railway and canal cross section estimation software for calculating excavation, strata cut and material quantities.


January 29, 2009

SectionWorks allows you to quickly and easily calculate:

* Excavation quantities including cut, fill and import-export.
* Strata cut volumes.
* Paving material volumes and tonnage.
* Mass diagrams showing the accumulated import/export volumes.

Road Totals View

The Road Totals View gives you an overview of the current road including a centerline graphic, totals report and cross-section cut/fill list. The centerline graphic shows the existing, proposed, pavement and strata elevations at the road centerline. The report shows the cut, fill, strata cut, import/export volumes and material quantities.

Cross Section View

The cross-section view allows you to digitize in the elevations, pavement location and strata for each cross-section. On-screen, digitizer and keyboard commands allow you to quickly and easily digitize all the cross sections in a road with minimum keystrokes.

Mass Diagram View

The Mass Diagram View allows easy tabbed access to all of the mass diagrams for the roads in the job. The mass diagram shows the accumulated import-export volumes along the length of the road.

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