Seeing the Value in Values Based Leadership

Therese Dunphy

February 26, 2013

Luck StoneWhen I interviewed Charlie Luck IV, AggMan of the Year 2012, his passion for Values Based Leadership (VBL) was readily apparent. At Luck Companies, VBL is both an ideology and a set of tools that have been used to drive work within the company throughout the last decade.

While many aggregate producers focus on ensuring the efficiency of their crushers, screens, and mobile equipment, Luck says they’re less likely to fully leverage their personnel. The ability to ignite their employees’ potential has been the differentiating factor for Luck Companies.

“What we know, unequivocally, is that any attention an organization gives to its people, its culture, and its work environment is going to pay off in performance,” says Mark Fernandes, chief leadership officer for Luck Companies.

He describes how VBL affects workers at Luck Stone’s plant in Fairfax, Va. When visiting the plant one day, he noticed that all of the workers had two colored dots on their hard hats. The dots represent their personality traits, which they learned through VBL training.

“People who work in the mines are salt of the earth, best people on the planet, but they so believe in this that they are now telling each other, ‘Here’s my personality style,'” Fernandes says. “They know if they do that, they’ll get along better. If they’re getting along better, they’re safer, they’re more productive.”

And, he adds, that translates beyond just how workers deal with one another, but also how they interact with customers. 

Fernandes notes that, in just about every quarry break room, a flip chart or a whiteboard contains behavior-based information describing the site’s mission and how it can have higher engagement.

“That was not an initiative that came out of HR or the corporate office,” he adds. “They did it on their own. It doesn’t get any better.”

If you plan to attend AGG1 or the National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association Annual Meeting, make plans to learn more about VBL. Click here to learn more about a VBL seminar offered on March 18 from 8:30-10:30 and ignite the potential among your staff.


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