Senate, House Appropriations Committees approve DOT, HUD budgets

June 28, 2013

Both Senate and House Appropriations Committees yesterday approved budgets for Transportation, Housing and Urban Development.

The Senate Appropriations Committee approved a $54 billion budget by a vote of 22-8, according to our sister site, Better Roads.

Another report from Better Roads notes that the House Appropriations Committee approved a $44.1 billion budget by a vote of 28-20.

The Senate bill calls for $550 million for grants for major transportation projects, $110 million for projects in rural communities, $40.3 billion for the Federal-aid Highway program, $500 million for bridge projects, $1.75 billion for rail infrastructure ($1.45 would be allocated to Amtrak), $1.943 billion for the transit “New Starts” program, $3.35 billion for capital investments at airports, $962 million for the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) NextGen program, $848 million for vehicle and driver safety programs, $225 million for pipeline and hazardous safety programs, $1.2 billion for FAA’s aviation safety activities and at least $5 million for the Federal Transit Administration’s transit safety office, as well as funding for HUD agencies and programs.

The House bill proposes $828 million in both mandatory and discretionary funding for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), $572 million for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, nearly $41 billion from the Highway Trust Fund for the Federal Highway program, $11.8 billion for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), $1.16 billion for the Federal Railroad Administration, $184.5 million for rail safety funding, nearly $2 billion for the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), $8.6 billion in state and local transit grant funding from the Mass Transit Account, $1.82 billion for Capital Investment Grants and $326 million for the Maritime Administration. It also calls for $28.5 billion for HUD.

The House and Senate bills reflect a difference of $9.9 billion.

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