Serious Accident Alert: Rock strikes portable crusher operator in head, best practices offered

Kerry Clines

May 2, 2017

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) issued a Serious Accident Alert after a rock struck a portable crusher operator during the winter of 2017. A miner at a sand and gravel operation was operating a portable crusher when a large rock fell, striking him on the left side of his head. He was wearing a hard hat at the time, but was taken to the hospital and released later that day.

Image Showing Where Miner's Injury Occurred

MSHA offers the following Best Practices to help prevent this type of accident:

  • Be mindful of falling material hazards and the risks from rock that can fly out from the crusher.
  • Wear required personal protective equipment.
  • Install adequate guarding in areas where miners work to protect them from the hazards of falling or flying rock from the crusher.
  • Restrict access to areas prone to falling or flying material.
  • When performing maintenance, prevent unplanned and hazardous movement of equipment by using lockout/tagout procedures. Fall protection is required where there is danger of falling.


    NSSGA safety awards

  • Train miners on hazards associated with portable crushing operations.

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