Shelbyville, Wright Paving continue 10-year battle

February 5, 2014


The decade-long dispute between the city of Shelbyville, Tennessee and Wright Paving and Custom Stone continues.

On Monday, a Senior Judge Ben Cantrell heard evidence in Chancery Court about the dispute, which involves the city’s rejection of a rock quarry that Wright Paving proposed, the Times-Gazette reports.

The report also notes that in June, Wright Paving and Custom Stone filed a lawsuit against the city and Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) for its conditional use of industrial property for the proposed quarry.

Attorney Josh McCreary told the judge that the BZA’s ruling is void, and, according to the report, McCreary “stated that the planning commission approved the site, then the same people — meeting as the BZA — denied it.”

The Times-Gazette reports that the suit claims that Shelbyville and the BZA created “an entirely new protocol” that “virtually guaranteed” Wright Paving would not be able to address expert comments.

Other claims include that the BZA relied on “performance standards” to deny the request and that the city and BZA hired experts “for the express purpose of denying the application.”

The judge made no rulings in Monday’s hearing.

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