Show Off Your Plant Entrance

Therese Dunphy

May 2, 2014

PlantEntrancePhotoContestLOGOUPDATE: This contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted photos.

As part of community and neighbor relations, many aggregate producers have recognized that the entrance to their site may be the first, and possibly only, impression it makes with local residents.

By providing attractive signage and landscaping around an aggregates operation, aggregate producers can put their best foot forward. Berms and trees offer not only visual screening, but can also lower the impacts of noise and dust around the operation.

The staff of Aggregates Manager travels regularly to sites around the United States and sees many well landscaped and well designed plant entrances. We’d like to showcase operator efforts in a special installment of Operations Illustrated. During the month of May, submit photos of your plant entrance for a chance to be included. We’ll include all submissions in an online photo gallery, while a handful of photos will be selected for publication in the article. Your plant may even be featured on the July cover.

Click here for more information on how to enter. We look forward to seeing your plant entrance photos, interviewing operators about how to create a great visual impact, and showcasing how aggregates operations can be an attractive, valuable part of local communities.

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