Siemens Introduces BW500/L Belt Scale Integrator


May 26, 2011

 ATLANTA– Siemens Industry, Inc. announced it has improved upon its popular Siemens Milltronics BW500 belt scale integrator with a new version, the Siemens Milltronics BW500/L. The new BW500/L, developed specifically for simple applications with belt scales, features two relays capable of calculating rate, totalized weight, belt loading and belt speed. Based on a patented electronic load cell-balancing feature, the upgraded BW500 and new BW500/L provide unequaled accuracy and improved efficiency in simple and complex applications.

When used in conjunction with a speed sensor and weigh bridge, the BW500/L is well suited for bulk weighing of product in processes as the material is moved on a conveyor belt. This measurement can be used to provide a signal to a control device that can be used for batch or feed rate control. This belt scale integrator can also be used to measure bulk inventory as is moved to and from silos, bins or storage piles.

Used with the MMI belt scale, the BW500 is ideal for fast-moving belts, short idler spacing, and light or uneven belt loading. Combined with MSI and MMI belt scales and a speed sensor, the BW500 has various approvals for custody transfer and legal for trade applications, including NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program), Electronic Indicator/Totalizer approval from Measurement Canada, MID (Measuring Instruments Directive), and OIML (International Organization of Legal Metrology).

“The BW500 was first introduced in 1999, and continues to be widely used in the food, cement, aggregate and mining industries,” says John Dronette, weighing and feeding product marketing manager at Siemens Industry, Inc.

“The difference is Siemens patented electronic load cell-balancing feature, making these products a world leader in system accuracy. The BW500 and BW500/L can be connected to industrial networks via Profibus DP, Allen Bradley RIO® and DiviceNet, and each is also compatible with Sitrans RD500 remote data manager.”

Both versions store parameter data in a non-volatile Flash memory, making measurement and control data continuously available, even if the unit loses power. An automatic calibration function saves time during operation, and relays are programmable SPST form A contacts rated 5A at 250 V AC non-inductive, reversible.

Operating with any belt scale or weigh feeder with up to six strain gauge load cells or LVDT (linear variable differential transformer), the BW500 processes belt load and speed signals for accurate flow rate and totalized weight of bulk solids. The new BW500/L can be used with one or two-load cell belt scale systems.

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