Software solutions for improving production, costs and safety

Therese Dunphy

July 21, 2014


The right technology can not only streamline production processes and costs, it can also enhance safety.


next-generationUntitled-1Next generation of simulation software

AggFlow Design and Manage, from Bedrock Software, LLC, is a hybrid program that allows workers to work on-line or off-line and to share projects with other users at will. Simulation can be used to determine optimal production capacity for a particular equipment configuration; then users can input field sample data to compare what the operation is actually producing to its theoretical capability. This information can then be used to identify and eliminate bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

BedRock Software, LLC |


wireless-workstationUntitled-1Wireless workstation in the cab

Cantech is using wireless technology to control loading and materials handling processes from the cabs of mobile equipment. Typical applications include discharging material from quarry bins (which can include indication of the bin levels), positioning radial conveyors to fill bins on a ready-mix plant or railhead, and initiating batching of concrete from the loading machine.

Cantech |


mobile-app-and-cloudUntitled-1Mobile app and cloud-based system

Dexter + Chaney’s Spectrum Equipment Management software includes features for preventive maintenance, equipment tracking, and a mobile app that works on Apple and Android mobile devices. The cloud-based system works with the company’s Spectrum Construction Software, while the app allows field staff to enter equipment information from the site and synchronize automatically with the software.

Dexter + Chaney |


real-time-fleetUntitled-1Real-time fleet management

Logimine S.A.S. has developed openQUARRY software for smaller scale fleet supervision. The free software interfaces with the company’s EZ range of on-board display terminals and is designed to enhance work productivity, machine use, and safety. It enables managers to remotely control production in real time — from the position of the vehicles, their speed, loads, cycle time, tire pressure, etc. An alert system provides instant notification when a vehicle is misused, exceeds speed, or is overloaded.

Logimine |


data-integrationUntitled-1Data integration software

Mettler Toledo released software that allows weighing terminal users to integrate weighing transaction data into PC databases. WeighSync DC collects weighing-transaction data from multiple terminals in a Microsoft SQL Express database and is compatible with Windows 7 or 8 operating systems. Weighing transactions are automatically updated to the WeighSync database, with the ability to map data to user-defined fields and tables. Pre-defined templates enable quick connection to a variety of industrial weighing terminals.

Mettler Toledo |


cloud-based-informUntitled-1Cloud-based information sharing

Topcon Positioning Group released its cloud-based Topcon Enterprise Solutions earlier this year. The system, which can integrate data from Topcon software services such as Sitelink3D or Magnet, is said to offer constant communication, data sharing, scheduling, updating, supporting, and accurate productivity data in real time. The system can also be deployed to key team members, including engineers and contractors, enabling updating of job files, material volumes, and equipment schedules instantly and accurately.

Topcon Positioning Group |

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