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September 1, 2012

Some might consider rock breaking to be a low-tech operation, but check out this assortment of high-tech software applications being used today.


By Kerry Clines, Senior Editor




Operational solutions

WennSoft Evolution is a complete operational solution focused on work-order management, asset management, installation, field service, and maintenance. It provides users with the information necessary to build and maintain long-term relationships with customers, suppliers, and vendors, as well as accurately track tools, equipment, and assets.




Maxwell Systems

Project management

Maxwell Systems’ new StreetSmarts 8.0 is a comprehensive job-cost accounting and project-management software solution that helps better manage construction, equipment, materials, financials, and more. The software includes powerful tools that automate and manage inventory, orders, and the transport of materials.




Noregon Systems

In-shop diagnostics

Noregon JPRO Commercial Fleet Products is a PC- and adapter-based, in-shop diagnostic solution used in the repair and maintenance of on-highway heavy-duty and medium-duty vehicles, as well as some off-highway equipment. It reads OEM fault codes from engine, transmission, braking systems, and body and chassis controllers to locate vehicle issues.




Scaleit USA

Scale solutions

Scaleit W8 (weight) is a new concept; the license is free and you pay only for its use. The flexible system works with any truck, floor, or platform scales and any size organization. Users receive unlimited remote technical support and remote user instruction, and all upgrades are provided at no cost. Download a free trial at



Dexter + Chaney

Materials management

Dexter + Chaney’s Spectrum Materials Management software module allows scale tickets to be collected from electronic ticketing systems, saving time and ensuring accuracy. When a truck takes delivery, the weight, contents, and pricing information recorded on the ticket are captured and stored in Spectrum, providing easy access to an accurate record of the transaction.




Thermo Scientific

Laboratory automation

Thermo Scientific’s SampleManager LIMS (laboratory information management system) provides interactive graphs, charts, tables, maps, and other data mining tools that deliver real-time information to enable decision making. It is flexible and configurable to accommodate various workflows and integrates easily with other applications and instruments in and out of the lab.




Field operations

HCSS’ new suite of mobile applications for collecting and reviewing data on field operations can be run anywhere using iPhones, iPads, and Android phones, as well as tablets. With just a few swipes on a mobile device, companies can record an entire time card, including production quantities, diaries, photographs, and cost-coded employee and equipment hours.



Innovative Maintenance Systems

Fleet maintenance

Innovative Maintenance Systems says its Fleet Maintenance Pro is an affordable, easy-to-use program that helps keep track of fleet inventory, preventive maintenance, repairs, work orders, fuel, parts, and more. Automated alerts and a built-in calendar help users stay on top of maintenance activities and assignments. More than 100 reports provide analytical details to help determine the cost effectiveness of equipment and assets.




BID2WIN Software

Construction/asset management

BID2WIN’s Maintenance construction asset management system (one of three modules in BUILD2WIN) is designed to increase equipment availability, reduce downtime emergencies, lower overall maintenance cost, and streamline communication between shop and field personnel. It provides real-time tracking of equipment use and costs, coordinates proactive preventive maintenance programs, and enables planning and tracking of maintenance activities.




Blue Sky Network

Cloud-based asset management

Blue Sky Network’s new SkyRouter software is a cloud-based global web portal designed to support the remote monitoring of critical assets. Features include seamless integration with Google Earth, unlimited user accounts, the ability to set up and monitor alert settings, and more. Mileage, trip, and location reports can be generated from asset data.



Command Alkon

Vehicle tracking

Command Alkon’s Apex vehicle and truck tracking solution, CommandTrack, uses existing GPS tracking technology to track the location of fleet vehicles. Dashboards display real-time status information on each vehicle, from loading at the plant to delivering to the job and returning to the plant. The graphical scheduling interface increases on-time deliveries, improves accuracy of the delivery process, maximizes hauling capacity, and more.




Fuel management

FuelQuest’s Fuel Center service is an outsourced solution that uses industry-leading best practices, people, and technology to help mitigate fluctuating fuel prices, manage operational budgets, reconcile financial transactions, and save money on bulk fuel purchases.




Minds Inc.

Material tracking

The Minds Inc. eRoutes AcquiEx application provides aggregate personnel with access to roundtrip times and captured truck scale tickets through the eRoutes portal in real time. It integrates with any existing third-party ticketing software. Reports and graphics are available from a simple web access and from internet-enabled mobile phones. Alert text and e-mail messages can be programmed.




BedRock Software, LLC

Plant simulation

BedRock added new features to its AggFlow aggregate plant simulation program. Features include a composite Blender function that calculates the optimal product mix to meet a product specification; new plant Stages to accurately simulate plant operations; and new Power calculations to determine power usage and requirements; as well as translation into four languages — Spanish, French, German, and Russian.




GIS solutions

Esri ArcGIS 10.1 allows users to author maps, models, and analytics to deliver any GIS resource — imagery, geodata, tools — as a web service. The latest version improves rendering performance, expands access to off-site information, and refines development and maintenance processes. It is specifically designed to compile, process, display, analyze, and archive volumes of data.



Caterpillar Inc.

Information management

Cat’s Vital Information Management System (VIMS) provides information on a wide range of vital machine functions. VIMS Supervisor Software provides custom fleet production and maintenance reports by extracting data from the VIMS PC Database. The system provides functionality to filter and sort event, truck payload, trend, and histogram data to create reports that target the needs of mine and fleet managers.



Logimine Inc.

Fleet management

Logimine’s Primary Command Center – PCC4.3 Summit is a modular fleet management software that links to on-board intelligent terminals to enable mine managers to access and exchange data with mine operators in real time over a secure wireless network from any computer or telephone device. The fully customizable software features an open architecture and high-speed interface.


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