St. Cloud zoning board postpones Coldspring quarry proposal hearing

August 22, 2013

Cold Spring GraniteThe St. Cloud Zoning Board of Appeals decided Tuesday at a public hearing to take more time to consider Coldspring’s proposed quarry expansion, according to a report from

Coldspring wants to open a 30-acre granite quarry and processing area on its 210-acre site in St. Cloud, Missouri, where it already operates a stone quarry. The company wants to excavate 300 to 350 feet in seven phases over 25 to 30 years at the new quarry.

Discussion about the proposed quarry has already been postponed once, when the St. Cloud City Council put discussions on hold to further review an environmental assessment. At its August 12 meeting, the city council decided enough study had been done on the quarry’s potential environmental impact.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Zoning Board of Appeals decided to suspend the hearing so it can take more time to review the application, resident comments and other documents. The extra time will also allow residents to more thoroughly review information about the expansion before responding.

Residents have expressed concerns about the quarry’s impact on vegetation and residential land, and truck traffic’s impact on road safety. Residents have also pointed to noise as a possible problem.

The Zoning Board of Appeals will resume the hearing September 17.

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