StarLite 2 Frameless Steel End Dump Trailer


November 16, 2007

Our starting point was the basic body shell of America”s most popular 38-ft. steel end dump, the Clement FleetStar. Every part and component of the trailer was reviewed with the goal of increasing trailer strength and durability, while squeezing out every ounce of unnecessary weight. The result is Clement”s StarLite: a newly-designed, field-tested 38-ft. trailer, which will outperform other steel trailers and at the same time carry a ton more legal payload every trip.

Lighter than most aluminum trailers, StarLite gives you the strength of steel at an initial cost that”s thousands of dollars less than comparable aluminum trailers. Maintenance cost will also be reduced with the all-steel StarLite. If maximum profits are important to you, see the Clement StarLite, the strength of steel and the payloads of aluminum!

StarLite2 features that add to its record-setting performance

Wheels-on- the-ground dumping. There are no axle stops on the StarLite, so the wheels stay on the ground through the entire dump cycle.

Space-age Body
StarLite”s brand new body shell has both curved sides and a curved floor. Every ounce of excess weight has been squeezed out.

Hat-shaped longitudinal
StarLite”s hat-shaped single longitudinal has the same wide support as two separate box longitudinals, yet it”s lighter and much stronger. Gone are the center cross members and numerous weld joints.

Out of the way when dumping 
FlipLite design swings lights and flaps out of the way     automatically when the gate lock opens.

  “StarLite2” Frameless End Dump
   General Specifications
   Suspension: 36,000 # Single Point-
   2 Leaf
   Axles: (2) 102″, 22,500 lb, 5″ Round,    Common Inner/Outer Bearings
   Wheels: 8.25 x 22.5, 10 Hole Hub- Piloted    Disc
   Hubs: 10 Hole Pilot Hub
   Tires: 11 x 22.5 Radial
   Brakes: Air 16 1/2″ x 7″ Outboard
   Dayton X30 Drum
   ABS: 2S 1M
   Axle Spacing: 50″
   Lights: 12 Volt Sealed Beam, Rubber    Grommet
   Wiring: Sealed Harness Modular Plug In    Mud Flaps: Rubber Rear Only
   Draft Arms: 3″ x 4″ x 1/8″ Tubing
   King Pin Plate: 1/4″ AR450 (Rocking &    Breakaway)
   Back Up Alarm: Yes

   Type: Steel Bathtub style body for sand,    gravel, coal, hazardous waste and    aggregate
   Floor: 10 gauge HT50
   Sides: 12 gauge HT50
   Tailgate: 10 gauge HT50, Top Hinged, Air    Locked w/ Air Line to Front
   Front: 10 gauge HT50
   Paint: One color urethane enamel over    primed surface
   Longitudinal: 10 gauge 8″ x 22″
   Top Rail: 4″x4″x 1/8″ Tubing
   Side Braces: 10 – 12 gauge HT50
   Hoist Housing: 10 gauge HT50 Dumps    with all wheels on ground

   Packaged Options
   Side Boards: 6″ aluminum side boards    Landing Legs: Non-load bearing on body    – Removable
   Fender: Aluminum tread plate (AGM03)    Slant Tailgate: Air operated (BHH)
   Tarp Hooks: Located at tailgate (4)
   Light Bar: Powered Flip Lite 

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