STECO Introduces The Hauf® Full-Frame Steel Dump Trailer


January 22, 2009

ENID, OKLAHOMA (January 22, 2009) — One of the most rugged, dependable, and popular dump trailer designs to ever be manufactured is now available through STECO. Designated The Hauf®,” this dump trailer features formed side posts that extend downward from one side of the trailer across the bottom of the bed and up the opposite side, providing a complete U-frame and curved corners.

Using purchased forms and equipment from the previous builder of this design, STECO™s The Hauf features the same continuous weld of the U-formed side posts, the same smooth bed with easy-to-clean corners, and the same top-hinged tailgate with remote air-controlled open and lock.

However, The Hauf also features the most up-to-date running gear with 16.5”x7” System 2S/M air brakes with auto slack and ABS, 5”-round axles with 5/8” wall providing 25,000-lb. capacity on a 71 ½â€ track, and a 60,000-lb. capacity single-point straddle-mount suspension and sealed lighting system.

This first model, the steel full-frame version, provides additional stability when the bed is lifted by keeping all trailer tires on the ground. The weight and rigidity of the updated frame also increases stability. Other models, including an aluminum design, will follow.

STECO is well known for its full line of dump trailers which are available in framed and frameless versions, as well as made from steel or aluminum. Since 1962, STECO has earned a reputation for tough, long-lasting trailers for the scrap, demolition, waste transfer, and sand/gravel industries. Centrally located in the heart of America, STECO builds both standard and customized trailers to meet the needs of their customers.

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