2016 Top Rollout: Superior Industries’ Patriot cone crusher plant

Therese Dunphy

December 26, 2016

superior-224a7665Superior Industries’ standard designs for the Patriot Cone Crusher Plant include exclusive options such as Vantage Automation and Level Assist. The patent-pending Level Assist technology automatically levels the plant once it has reached the desired height, usually in less than five minutes. The automation system monitors all vital functions of the crusher, allowing it to maintain optimum production without operator intervention. The optional removable feed conveyor cartridge — with a roller track design for enhanced mobility — allows feeding to happen at any angle. The plant is available for the P200, P300, and P400 models of the cone crusher.


2016 Top Rollout: Sandvik's CH540 cone crusher

2016 Top Rollout: Sandvik’s CH540 cone crusher

Sandvik says its CH540 represents the next step in a new generation of cone crushers and is suitable for operators who want to increase production ...

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