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Kerry Clines

June 2, 2011

Keep ’em Safe

The use of personal protective equipment is essential to keep employees both safe and healthy.

A good safety program is incomplete without providing employees with the proper training and equipment.

By Kerry Clines, Senior Editor


The new SM1xSR Bluetooth ear muffs from Sensear use a patent-pending SENS (speech enhancement, noise suppression) technology to isolate and enhance speech, yet suppresses dangerous background noise to protect a miner’s hearing while allowing him or her to communicate clearly and safely within distances of up to 50 meters. The comfortable, simple-to-use ear muffs allow ear-muff-to-ear-muff communication beyond 85dB(A), as well as face-to-face, two-way radio or cell phone communication, without the need to remove them.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

Miller Electric says its new Arc Armor Titanium Series welding helmet is built on a shell design that is lightweight for extended wear, provides excellent skin coverage, reflects radiant heat, and features a quick-release front cover lens to reduce welder downtime. The Titanium 1600 features a 16-square-inch shade #10 passive lens. The Titanium 7300, Titanium 9400, and Titanium 9400i feature an auto-darkening lens, auto-on/auto-off, grind mode, independent arc sensors, excellent low-amperage TIG performance, and magnifying lens holder. They meet ANSII Z87.1-2003 high impact standards.

Red Wing Shoes

Red Wing says its new boots feature ForceShield technology. The material meets ASTM F2413-05 metatarsal standards for impact, yet remains soft, flexible, and breathable under normal conditions. The boots offer a non-metallic safety toe, electrical hazard protection, and a metatarsal guard that protects feet from falling objects without the stiffness and bulk of traditional metguards. Two boot models, 4421 and 4422, feature lightweight ankle protection against side impacts as well.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

Miller Electric added safety glasses to its Arc Armor line of protection products. The glasses are designed for comfort, fit, and durability and are available in three different frame colors in either clear or shade 5.0 lenses. Features include rubber ear pads, form-fitting orbital eye coverage, shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses, anti-scratch coating, and soft foam eye guards that are said to keep out dust and perspiration. The safety glasses meet ANSI standards.

Providing the right training for your employees will help ensure that your operation runs smoothly and safely.

Colorado Stone, Sand and Gravel Association

Several new training CDs for the aggregate industry are available from the Colorado Stone, Sand and Gravel Association. Part 46 New Miner Training covers the four hours of required training a miner needs to begin work. Task Training covers five jobs and five (soon to be seven) pieces of equipment in more detail. Both training CDs include videos, quizzes, and certificates that show the time spent on each module. The Operators’ Guide to MSHA Programs and Activities provides training and quick reference information on the Mine Safety and Health Administration’s (MSHA) required reporting and forms, as well as plant inspections and penalties.

Caterpillar, Inc.

Cat is now offering simulation software to train heavy equipment operators on how to conduct a pre-operation walkaround inspection. A simulated version of a machine is featured on-screen, and a random list of items is generated each time the module is entered. The user can pass the mouse over the inspection points and click on each to zoom in on the machine to identify any faults, or click on a component name in the list of items to zoom in on the inspection point. The user must correctly identify the inspection points as good or faulty. The exercise ends with a detailed report showing the user’s results after the entire machine has been inspected. Walkarounds are available for small wheel loaders, track-type tractors, and wheel tractor scrapers.

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

NIOSH has a new publication underscoring the importance of lock-out/tag-out procedures. The Workplace Solutions publication, Using Lockout and Tagout Procedures to Prevent Injury and Death during Machine Maintenance, offers a list of steps employers and workers should take to ensure that maintenance on machinery is safe.

Vivid Learning Systems

Vivid Learning Systems is now offering online MSHA training to contractors, as well as producers. The training is mapped to MSHA Regulations (30 CFR Parts 46 and 48) and includes Part 46 New Miner, Part 46 Refresher, and Part 48 Refresher (surface only).

Vista Training

The new Silver Series of Web-based equipment operator training programs from Vista Training provides aggregates operations with easy access to task-focused training on many types of heavy equipment. The programs, which average one hour in length, focus on how to productively and safely perform common tasks. The first four programs in the series include basic operation and safety for wheel loaders, haul trucks, hydraulic excavators, and motor graders.

Martin Engineering USA

Martin Engineering’s new online Foundations Training program, Operations & Maintenance Seminar, takes an in-depth look at methods to improve the safety, performance, and payback of belt conveyors by controlling fugitive material and improving system efficiency. Topics include material handling basics, conveyor safety, belt alignment, belt cleaning, transfer point improvement, belts and splices, leading edge technologies, and dust management. The online course is composed of nine one- to two-hour modules with internet-based quizzes. A certificate is awarded upon completion.

Guarding and safety equipment for machinery can help operations avoid costly accidents and injuries.



ASGCO Manufacturing, Inc.

A new line of conveyor safety equipment from ASGCO is designed to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration and MSHA guarding requirements. The new line includes the Return Roll Changer that supplies pinch-point protection; Safe-Guard Belt Clamps that apply even tension across the entire width of the belt conveyor; the Safe-Guard Return Idler Guard designed to prevent injuries from pinch points and catch the return idler if it should fall; the V-Return Idler (right) that protects workers and equipment from falling idlers; the Return Idler Cage designed to catch the return idler if it should fall; and the Flat Return Conveyor Guard that mounts on the conveyor to guard against moving equipment.

RMT Equipment, Inc.

RMT Equipment says its TrackVision Safety Camera System provides 360 degrees of clear vision. The waterproof wide-angle camera is said to give equipment operators a 115-degree field of view in any direction to eliminate blind spots to the front, rear, sides, and “over the wall.” The system comes with RF-resistant cabling and easy instructions for quick, do-it-yourself installations. The system’s shock-proof, 7-inch, hi-resolution LCD monitor offers clarity even in low light and allows operators to view up to four cameras at one time.

Arch Environmental Equipment, Inc.

Arch Environmental says its Dean Energy Harvester harnesses conveyor belt energy and improves safety and security. The process energy recycler is designed to collect, store, and distribute the process energy normally lost when conveying raw material on bulk-handling belt conveyors. The reclaimed energy is then used for site lighting and safety and security cameras. The unit also reduces carbon emissions.

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