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July 6, 2011

The high-tech age has come to everyone, even the aggregate industry, where it means better control and efficiency, as well as increased production.


From truck scales to belt scales, automation allows operations to speed up the process and improve accuracy.

By Kerry Clines, Senior Editor

Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Rice Lake says its Automated Ticketing Systems (ATS) with OnTrak software gets trucks in and out of the operation quicker and improves safety, accuracy, and efficiency. ATS kiosks can be operated manually or completely automated with features like RFID truck recognition, ticket printing, intercom, and keyboard. Drivers stay in their cabs, data stays accurate and secure, and trucks move smoothly through the operation.

Advanced Weighing Systems

The RTSA offered by Advanced Weighing Systems is a PC-based data-collection terminal designed to allow truck drivers to process their own scale transactions. Because the RTSA communicates real-time with a PC, transaction data is available as quickly as the transaction is processed. It is said to be easy to use, providing clear instruction to the driver. Options include RFID technology, gate control, and image capture.

Siemens Industry, Inc.

Siemens says its Milltronics BW500/L belt scale integrator features two relays capable of calculating rate, totalized weight, belt loading, and belt speed. According to the company, its patented electronic load cell-balancing feature provides unequalled accuracy and improved efficiency. It can store parameter data in a non-volatile flash memory, making measurement and control data continuously available, even if the unit loses power. The unit can be used with one or two load cell, belt scale systems.

Automation controls for crushers improve crushing performance by ensuring the crusher is operating efficiently.

FLSmidth Salt Lake City, Inc.

Raptor automated crusher controls from FLSmidth are available in five packages for all Raptor cone crusher models. The automation systems are self-contained controllers that provide full-time monitoring and automated controls. The systems include basic, automated interlock, full and custom-designed automation packages, as well as an automated remote liner calibration package.


KPI-JCI says its MILO (machine-interface-logistics-operation) is a powerful PLC control system that continuously monitors crusher operation and makes adjustments when possible, issues warnings, and will shut down the crusher, if necessary. MILO can be operated as a stand-alone control or be integrated into a plant-wide control system. The bowl position counter can be reset automatically on crushers equipped with an optional hydraulic cone brake. The “AutoZero” logic detects the currently chosen closed-side setting (CSS) and automatically rotates the bowl down until it contacts the cone. Once an increase in pressure within the hydraulic cone brake is detected, it will stop rotating, set the counter to zero, and rotate back to the previous CSS.

Plant automation can help maximize the performance and production of an operation through optimization.


Innotech Solutions, LLC

Innotech Solutions says its Real-Time Management Interface uses belt scale data to measure load and yield to optimize profit, reduce operating cost, and increase production of saleable material. The data provided enables process adjustment to be made in real-time. Results are re-measured and readjusted until optimal performance is achieved. The company says its Measurement and Reporting Systems can be interfaced with any process control or automation system and are Web accessible from any computer and many mobile devices. Performance data and usage histories are maintained for each operating mode, enhancing the accuracy of budgeting, re-forecasting, sales sourcing, and capital evaluation decisions.

Hirschmann Automation and Control

Hirschmann says its new Scalable Mobile Control System can be used for controlling and monitoring machine functions, as well as for load moment indication. The product family includes new control from the iFlex series and new iScout operating consoles, which are said to allow tailor-made solutions at reasonable prices. According to the company, the modular concept ensures that each solution can be adapted economically at any time to new requirements.

Kruse Controls Inc.

KrusePlant-Info collects, stores, and reports aggregate/sand plant data such as production time, down time, operator hours, temperature, and more. The KrusePlant-Info kit includes transmitters that are used to send data to an industrial computer and interface modules. The data is stored in customized tables to allow future queries. The reports can be viewed with any Web browser. Automatic daily reports are developed to display historical activity and trends of required data. These reports can be automatically e-mailed to plant personnel


Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation offers a CMM Packaged Software Solution based on Pavillion8 Technology. The company says the composite application framework for control, optimization, and visualization allows for correlation of multiple process units performance information and other various disparate systems with predictive horizon capabilities to drive proactive decision making in real-time, and with great efficiency.


Etheridge Automation

Etheridge Automation says its Quarry Information Management System, a customized HMI software system, is designed specifically for the aggregate industry. Features include sequential start/stop at the touch of a button; flexible interlocking; historical trending; daily production reporting, which is customized for each plant; and software speed switches, which provide protection for conveyors with no maintenance.

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