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Brooke Wisdom

October 1, 2010

Weighing your profits

From conveyor belt scales to automated weighing systems, weighing equipment is an important part of every aggregate operation.

Conveyor belt scales can help you keep an up-to-the-minute count on production quantities.

Thayer Scale

Thayer Scale says its single-idler Quarry King conveyor belt scale was specifically designed for aggregate use where spill-proof/jam-proof suspension design is essential. The scale features “Rocking Flexure” fulcrums, a pipestem single-idler suspension system that incorporates built-in storage for its calibration weight.


Loadrite says its new C-Weigh 1850 conveyor belt scale features frame options for almost any conveyor; simple, yet powerful, printed reporting; and the local support of factory-trained, industry-leading distributors.


Tecweigh/Tecnetics Industries, Inc.

The Tecweigh WY10 single-idler conveyor scale features a weather-tight, one-piece construction. The scale uses LVDT load sensor technology, which the company says prevents the load sensors from being overloaded and makes them less susceptible to damage from lightning strikes.

Schenck Process

Schenck Process says its BEMP single-idler belt scale easily mounts to any conveyor frame using only four bolts and that accuracies of +/-1 percent of totalized weight are possible using the Intecont Status Integrator and two NTEP-approved, single-point load cells with rated capacities up to 660 pounds.


The modular design of ASGCO’s weigh belt scale allows for installation and start-up in less than two hours. According to the company, the unit’s low profile minimizes build-up areas where dust and dirt accumulate, and the scale is virtually maintenance free. The scale’s Totalizer automatically calculates belt width and speed with a variety of outputs.

Automated weighing systems and displays can help speed up the weighing and ticketing process, allowing you to increase sales and profitability.


Interface Logic Systems

Interface Logic Systems says its ScaleQ Software enables simplified, accurate, and efficient operations without sacrificing detailed data collection. Barcode and RFID technology enable unattended operation and enhanced productivity. The ScaleQ Report program makes the database available for review and analysis; Office Administration Software provides distributed access to data and reporting.

Fairbanks Scales

Fairbanks Scales’ new vehicle identification and weighing system, Fairbanks Access Solutions, can automate one or more lanes at the scale house. The Access Entry Station greets vehicles both audibly and visually, then captures essential transaction information and sends it to the MatreX Processing System, which exports data to billing systems.



Belt-Way Scales Inc.

A touch-screen remote display from Belt-Way Scales offers scale monitoring and historical production data capabilities. Multi-function controls allow the user to remotely clear weights and re-zero belts. The display alerts the user when production drops and sounds alarms when maintenance issues occur. The display can monitor up to 20 scales.


Libra Systems, Inc.

Libra says its self-service kiosks and remote terminal printers allow material suppliers to handle more truck traffic without increasing costs. Benefits include extended operating hours, reduced data entry and ticketing errors, reduced in-yard times, improved customer satisfaction, automatic truck identification, and controlled truck flow.

Avery Weigh-Tronix

The XR 8M and XR 12M are the latest additions to the Avery Weigh-Tronix XR Series of bright-red LED remote displays designed to convey weight, time/date, and other key data in scale transactions. Each model delivers a 5- by 7-inch matrix display, allowing operators to slide, scroll, or flash any alphanumeric message.

JWS, a division of Command Alkon

The new Scale Watcher II photo-verification system from JWS allows proof of vehicle pickup without signatures. The system sends a signal to the printer, which activates a camera to take a digital photo of the vehicle on the scale. The ticket information is then superimposed on the captured image for future reference.

Tracking the amount of aggregate that customers’ trucks carry out of your plant is easy with this selection of wheel loader and truck scales.




Loadrite says its L-2180 wheel loader scale provides accurate weighing and reporting on wheel loaders. The scale features a weighing algorithm enhanced with FACT (friction and ambient compensation technology).

Cardinal Scales Mfg. Co.

Designed specifically for mining and off-road vehicle weighing, Cardinal’s Yukon low-profile truck scale has a gross capacity of up to 150 tons. It features a 70-ton concentrated load capacity and stainless-steel, environmentally sealed compression load cells. It is available in 12-, 14-, and 16-foot extra-wide scale platforms.

Mettler Toledo North America

Mettler Toledo’s new VTC221 (concrete deck) and VTS231 (steel deck) vehicle scales have concentrated load capacities of 100,000 pounds, gross load cell capacity of over 800,000 pounds, and incorporate the Powercell PDX load cell network. Other features include a low profile design, onboard diagnostic capability, and lightning protection.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Rice Lake’s Survivor truck scales are designed and built with heavy-duty, high-grade structural steel I-beams for rigidity. The company says the 5/16-inch deck plate on OTR and ATV steel deck models prolongs the life of the scale.

Cardinal Scales Mfg. Co.

Cardinal Scales’ portable electronic EPR-LF+ Plus self-contained vehicle scale is contained in modules, which are furnished with lifting eyes for easy moving. Load cell wiring is furnished with quick connections for easy installation and removal. The scale features a checkered steel deck and 16-inch overall low-profile height.




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