Supply Lines: Automation Nation

Therese Dunphy

September 6, 2013

AggFlowUpgraded simulation software
Bedrock Software, LLC’s newest program is said to represent a completely new generation of simulation software to manage and optimize an aggregates operation. AggFlow Design and Manage allows workers to work on-line or off-line and to share projects with other users at will. The sharing capability is intended to allow process engineers, consultants and equipment dealers to work effectively and efficiently when developing a plant optimization strategy. Simulation can be used to determine optimal production capacity for a particular equipment configuration; then users can input field sample data to compare what the operation is actually producing to its theoretical capability. This information can then be used to identify and eliminate bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
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SL-AM0913-Inventory screenshotTracks product inventories
Advanced Weighing System’s Interact Inventory Module allows companies to track product inventories, whether at a single location or across multiple sites. It provides operators with a production tool to monitor valuable assets. The program defines storage locations with minimum and maximum capacities and warnings for bins, silos, hoppers, railcars and more; assigns customer accounts and materials to a storage location with the ability to filter on each type; automatically updates inventory totals when processing scale transactions; synchronizes remote sites with a central database to provide management visibility to all site locations; and provides storage location history in order to show past usage.
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SL-AM0913-ISM_OK_Screen_tilt- smallMonitors belt idlers
The SKF Idler Sound Monitor kit is a handheld monitoring device for early detection of faults in conveyor belt idlers, which are a common cause of belt damage and production downtime. Equipped with acoustic enveloping technology, the kit distinguishes between the sounds of a good idler and a faulty one even in high ambient noise environments. It has a simple visual display, headphones and audible condition alarm. The device can be operated with one hand, allowing the operator to maintain three-point contact as required for safety.

SL-AM0913-FuelquestManages fuel supply
Fleet managers and fuel operations need to know the status of the operation in a real-time basis. FuelQuest ForeSite SV (Supervisor View) provides the real-time visibility to monitor and ensure fuel is available for a fleet. The program monitors sites in real time; adjusts plans due to potential disruptions from weather, demand swings, traffic, etc.; and improves inventory planning and operations. It also complements existing systems and works in conjunction with fuel management services.
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SL-AM0913-100GW_Centergrip_whtFast bagging rates
Suitable for bagging crushed stone, sand or gravel, Hamer’s Model 100GW features a unique dual load cell system which is said to provide better weighing accuracy and faster processing speeds than comparable models. The unit can attain bagging rates up to 16 bags per minute on a compact gross weigh scale. The all-steel design is powder coated for long life in demanding industrial applications. Plus, the center grip bag clamp provides a clear product pathway, eliminating interference between the product and the clamping mechanism.
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SL-AM0913-Rotating Feed DistributorImproves crushing consistency
The rotating feed distributor from Innotech Solutions is said to help distribute the feed in the cone crushers to create even crushing all around the cavity. This has five advantages: higher product tonnages, consistent product gradation, better liner utilization, lower amp draw and elimination of crusher abuse. Consistent product gradation is very desirable in automated plants as decisions are made to adjust the crushers, based on measured outputs, to maximize the desired products and minimize waste.
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