Supply Lines: Ready for the Long Haul

Therese Dunphy

August 1, 2014

Manufacturers focus on fuel efficiency, safety, ease of maintenance, and operator insights when updating models.

By Therese Dunphy, Editor-in-Chief,



high-rimpullUntitled-1High rimpull for heavy-duty applications

Robust and reliable, new Volvo A25G and A30G articulated haulers have powerful, turbocharged six-cylinder Volvo engines. The Volvo drivetrain and a unique inline dropbox designed for high ground clearance are purpose-built to ensure perfect harmony and optimized performance. The drivetrain’s unique design delivers high rimpull, lowers fuel consumption, and provides reliability in heavy-duty applications. Oil-cooled wet multiple disc brakes reduce maintenance costs and increase uptime, even on muddy or dusty jobsites. The retardation system controls downhill hauling speeds using wheel brakes and the Volvo engine brake. To keep the G-Series sure-footed in the most demanding jobsites, automatic traction control (ATC) and unique differential locks are standard.

Volvo Construction Equipment |


high-torueUntitled-1Higher torque, lower fuel consumption

Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment offers the DA40 articulated dump truck. An agile undercarriage, designed to ensure that all six wheels are in permanent contact with the ground, means that it can operate on rough or soft terrain. Powered by a six-cylinder Tier 4 interim compliant diesel engine with net output of 490 horsepower, the unit offers an 11-percent increase in engine power compared to the previous model. It also boasts a 28-percent increase in gross torque to 1,750 foot-pounds. Contributing to an 8-percent reduction in fuel consumption is the new transmission offering eight forward and four reverse speeds. The transmission is said to improve the transfer of power from the engine to the wheels for outstanding traction. The truck has top operating speeds of 34.2 mph and a body capacity of 34 cubic yards. The payload is rated at 48.5 tons.

Doosan Infracore |


quick-pickupUntitled-1Quick pickup and travel speeds

Komatsu America Corp.’s HD785-7 truck is said to deliver fast acceleration and high travel speeds with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 360,253 pounds. Its turbo-charged Komatsu SAAS12V140E-3 engine meets Tier 4 interim emission standards and has a maximum net output of 1,178 horsepower. Komatsu’s variable horsepower control system selects an appropriate mode based on working conditions. It detects if the truck is loaded and selects the optimum horsepower setting. The truck has two speed reverse gears: one for normal operation and the other for job sites with steep conditions. The unit is also equipped with an anti-pitching four-wheel oil-cooled multiple disc retarder that applies retarding force on all four wheels.

Komatsu America |


tackles-porUntitled-1Tackles poor conditions

The largest of the E-Series, John Deere’s 460E articulated dump truck is equipped with a 481-horsepower Tier 4 interim engine and has a heaped capacity of 33.4 cubic yards. The 50-ton machine is designed for heavy-duty applications and features a ZF transmission with a high-capacity retarder, eight forward gears, and four reverse gears. Responding to customer feedback, the unit is enhanced by on-the-fly differential locks, which can be applied for improved performance in poor conditions. In addition, it comes standard with JDLink Ultimate, which provides operators with 24/7 online access to machine health, utilization, and fuel consumption.

John Deere |


handles-hillsUntitled-1Handles hills smoothly

The Cat 775G Off-Highway Truck delivers a 70-ton payload, improved fuel efficiency, and advanced transmission controls to enhance productivity and drivetrain durability. Two different economy shift mode selections enable quarry managers to tailor performance to the needs of the business. Advanced control systems also integrate the optional engine compression brake with automatic retarder control to enable faster downhill travel and reduced cycle times. The Cat C27 ACERT engine provides 729 net horsepower and meets Tier 4 final emission requirements. Compared to the previous model, the 775G can hold a higher gear when climbing 10-percent grades.

Caterpillar |


handles-toughUntitled-1Handles tough conditions

With a transport capacity of up to 33 tons, Liebherr’s TA 230 Litronic is configured for maximum work performance. The large dump body, combined with a robust drivetrain, is engineered for efficiency. Impressive retarder performance is said to ensure safe operations, while the unit achieves fast turnover rates with its intelligent drive concept. Maintenance-free bearing points and easy-access service points reduce maintenance costs and downtime. The TA 230 features Liebherr components, including its diesel engine, hydraulic cylinder, ball slewing ring, and electronics. Liebherr says it is ready for the tough operating conditions in quarries and will provide operational reliability and availability.

Liebherr |


lightweight-esignUntitled-1Lightweight design

The DuraClass Alumax heavy-duty aluminum dump body is said to offer high strength and low body weight for long life and maximum payloads. Typically up to 50-percent lighter than traditional steel, the decreased body weight of aluminum bodies increases payload capacity and minimizes fuel consumption. The truck features a heavy-duty, 8-inch extruded top rail that resists bowing from heavy internal loads. The bottom rail, which includes an inside radius for faster and cleaner dumping, ties the deck, sides, cross members, vertical posts, and outside dirt shedders together and enhances structural integrity. Aluminum 5 3/4-inch I-beam long members have an integrated rubber track and rubber riser to reduce shock and noise. The 4-inch stacked U-shaped cross members provide extra load-bearing vertical walls.

DuraClass |


undergroundUntitled-1Underground loading

The Atlas Copco Scooptram ST7 LHD is built for underground applications requiring small size and high performance. The high-visibility FOPS/ROPS-approved cabin is said to put safety first. Easy access to daily service points supports efficient maintenance, and the Atlas Copco Rig Control System enables service information and diagnostics to be logged and displayed on the screen in the cab. Traction control allows full use of the 193-horsepower Cummins diesel engine to fill the 7.5-ton bucket to capacity, which has a 7-foot tramming height. An automatic lubrication system option is available.

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