Syar proposes Napa Valley quarry expansion

June 14, 2013

Portions of the Skyline Trail (highlighted in red) run through Syar's property. (Photo: Google Maps)
Portions of the Skyline Trail (highlighted in red) run through Syar’s property. (Photo: Google Maps)

California-based Syar Industries has proposed an expansion of its Napa quarry operations that would extend quarrying to the easternmost portions of its site, according to the Napa Valley Register.

The plans would require Skyline Park Citizens’ Association to redesign the park’s Skyline Trail because portions of the trail are located on Syar’s property. The land on which the trail is located was originally leased to Syar by the state, but Syar purchased part of it in 1998.

The expansion proposal is undergoing environmental review. A draft environmental impact report is expected to be released next month.

Syar, which mines blue basalt, rhyolite and tuff, has not released any further information. John Perry, a representative for Syar, said the company wants to wait until the draft environmental impact report is released before discussing detailed expansion plans.

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