Terex’s new 40-ton articulated truck enters the market

Kerry Clines

March 1, 2010

RO51-TerextruckTerex says its new TA400 articulated truck offers high torque, high horsepower, high capacity, and the highest top speed in the class, making it a leader in productivity.

Standard features include a Tier 3-compliant, fuel-efficient, 450-horsepower diesel engine; maximum rim-pull and gradeability for negotiating inclines; and a large body capacity with low body weight to maximize load size and retention. The truck is equipped with three axles that are locked in permanent all-wheel drive and oil-cooled, wet disc brakes on all six wheels.

The truck’s computerized systems communicate with each other through a CAN-bus system which helps ensure that the truck is running at peak efficiency. The system allows truck data to be transmitted via satellite to almost any location.

A unique four-bar trailing arm suspension system allows operators to travel faster and more comfortably on difficult terrain. Instruments in the cab are positioned in logical groups to assist with drivability and functionality, providing operators with more comfort and total control.

Maintenance is made easy and simple with an electric opening hood, ground-level access to major components, and wide platforms on both sides of the engine.


Truck specifications

Maximum payload                                                        41.9 tons

Heaped capacity                                                           30.3 cubic yards

Gross power                                                                450 horsepower

Engine                                                                          Detroit Diesel Series 60

Forward speed                                                             3.4 to 37.3 miles per hour

Reverse speed                                                              3 to 4.6 miles per hour

Steering angle to either side                                           45 degrees

Fuel tank capacity                                                         127 gallons

Vehicle weight                                                  67,804 pounds

Vehicle height                                                               12 feet, 11 inches

Vehicle width                                                                11 feet, 3 inches

Vehicle length                                                               36 feet, 3 inches

Bed dump height                                                           22 feet, 9 inches

Ground clearance                                                         2 feet

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