Terry Arden appointed new CEO at LMI

Kerry Clines

October 2, 2009

LMI Technologies, Inc. (LMI) has appointed Terry Arden as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Before joining the company, Arden built a machine vision software company that he sold to LMI. Since joining LMI seven years ago, Arden has served as Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of the company. At LMI, Arden successfully built an R&D development team that created many of the company’s successful products. During this time, Arden has also been a key contributor to LMI’s management team.

Arden replaces Len Metcalfe, a founder of LMI Technologies and former CEO. Metcalfe continues to serve as Chairman of the Board and remains the largest shareholder, staying actively involved in the industry and success of LMI.

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