The Bucket List


January 18, 2012

Check out this round up of buckets and teeth that can help your operation dig up big profits.

by Kerry Clines, Senior Editor


Specialty buckets for excavators allow operators to crush or screen material on site, on the go.


Rotobec says its FB crushing buckets provide the ideal crush-in-place solution with high-manganese-content wear plates that can be rotated. The plates are flat and feature an oscillating movement. A magnet base is optional. Buckets are available in four sizes and are set up to take a wide variety of lugging types.


Flip Screen Australia Pty Ltd.

Flip Screen says its new EX180 screening bucket attachment, suitable for 40- to 50-ton excavators, works by rotating 360 degrees, continuously, on a single axis. An easily interchangeable screen allows smaller particles to pass through, depending on mesh size, while a baffle retains larger material to be dumped separately. The bucket opening is 96 inches wide by 24 inches high with a screening capacity of approximately 2.3 cubic yards. The interchangeable screens are built from high-tensile steel mesh and range from 1/2 to 4 inches, with additional custom sizes available. Screen change out is said to take one operator less than five minutes to perform, with no tools required.


MB America, Inc.

MB says its crushing and screening buckets are simple to use, handle all types of materials directly on site, reduce the use of additional mechanical equipment, and cut down on transportation and management costs. The crusher bucket (shown) features a load capacity ranging from 0.65 to 1.30 inches; bucket openings range from 24 by 18 inches to 47 by 20 inches; and weight ranges from 3,330 to 10,800 pounds. The screening buckets fit excavators ranging in size from the smaller 10- to 20-ton machine up to 35 tons and larger.



The SR screening bucket from Rotobec uses a number of different screens to sort material down to 1 inch in size. The durable Hardox screen and bucket are said to provide years of use in a wide range of applications. The company says the rotating screen allows for a high throughput of material and is not prone to clogging when material is damp.



Excavator buckets must be able to dig through thick overburden, as well as handle various types of aggregate.

AIM Attachments

AIM HD60 excavator buckets feature AR400 steel cutting edges and side cutters. The buckets’ open design allows for easy clean-out. Standard features include thick horizontal wear straps, full-curve side wear straps, and lifting D-rings. Optional bolt-on side cutters and extra pins are available. The buckets are currently available in heavy-duty and severe-duty configuration for 40,000- to 60,000-pound excavators.


CP, a division of Paladin Construction Group

CP heavy-duty and severe-duty buckets are available in widths from 10 inches up to 84 inches to fit mini-excavators and excavators up to 200,000 pounds. A circular torque tube design enhances each bucket’s overall strength. One-piece, T-1 curved side cutters and side wear pads protect against premature wear of the bucket sides, while an abrasion-resistant double bottom up to 3/4 inches thick provides a hard, yet lightweight, barrier between the bucket and the material. The T-1 cutting edge with triple-pass welding sits at a downward angle for aggressive digging, faster scooping, and less stress on the excavator. Heavy-duty buckets are available in sizes ranging from 0.037 to 5.7 cubic yards; severe-duty buckets range in size from 0.106 to 3.9 cubic yards.



Wheel loaders are the workhorses of the quarry, but they can’t do their jobs without the right buckets.

Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment America

Doosan says its new rock buckets are built to tackle the toughest, most severe digging and loading applications. The buckets are available in three models with 4-, 4.5-, and 6-cubic-yard capacities. The two smaller buckets are 128.9 inches wide and 54 inches high; the large bucket is 136.2 inches wide and 68.5 inches high. All three models are available with pin-on mounting only and feature a spade nose design and standard weld-on teeth.


Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo says its new rehandling buckets are easy to operate and provide better visibility for operators. The buckets are said to increase productivity with faster fill times, quicker overall machine cycle times, and increased material per load. According to the company, overall operating costs are low as a result of 10-percent fuel reduction, longer machine service life per ton of material moved, and low maintenance costs per ton of material moved.


Caterpillar, Inc.

Cat Performance Series Buckets come standard on Cat midsize wheel loaders. Designed with a systems approach, the buckets are shaped to work efficiently with each machine’s linkage, weight, lift, and tilt capacities. According to the company, the buckets deliver faster fill times and better material retention, reducing cycle time and improving productivity and fuel efficiency.



Even the smallest of machines, the skid-steer loader, works best when it has the proper bucket attachment.

CEAttachments, Inc.

CEAttachments says its Edge buckets feature excellent cutting-edge visibility and high breakout force. Sizes range from 48 to 96 inches with heaped capacities from 11.4 to 23 cubic feet. Toothbars, bolt-on cutting edges, and serrated bolt-on cutting edges are optional.



Teeth are the backbone of the bucket. The proper edge and shape can make a big impact on production.

ESCO Corp.

ESCO says its Ultralok construction tooth system offers a hammerless lock that is integrated into the point. The hammerless design is said to not only provide increased safety, but also eliminate the need to inventory separate pins or locks. The slim profile maximizes penetration and reduces fuel costs, according to the company.


Komatsu America Corp.

Komatsu says its KMAX System Teeth feature the patented G.E.T. system designed for maximum consumption ratios and strength, without unnecessary bulk. The shape of the teeth is said to promote smooth flow of material over the tooth-adapter for even, consistent wear. The teeth are reversible for extended life and feature a simple, functional, reusable fastener that can be unlocked with just a 90-degree turn of a socket for quick change-out.


Leading Edge Attachments, Inc.

Leading Edge Attachments says its patented Multi-Ripper Tooth — designed for excavators and backhoes — allows the operator to easily rip rock, coral shale, caliche, decomposed granite, limestone, sandstone, asphalt, or frozen ground with maximum breakout force. The operator is said to be able to focus the excavator’s full breakout force individually to each point of the special twin tiger tooth, thus greatly improving the ripping effect.

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