March 3, 2010

Digishot-Plus-new-green-croThe  DIGISHOT®  PLUS  is  the  most  recent  innovation in electronic initiation   systems.  In  addition  to  DIGISHOT’s  accurate  timing benefits,  quick deployment with robust downline wire and all-weather surface   connectors,   DIGISHOT  PLUS  is  truly  flexible,  blaster friendly,  fully  programmable  and  offers the additional benefit of remote firing  capability.  The  DIGISHOT PLUS electronic initiation system  also  provides  the ability to initiate up to 1800 detonators per shot and can accommodate up to 15 detonators per borehole as well as  assign  any  delay  to  any  detonator  after  the detonators are connected  and  in  any  manner  desired … not just in the order of firing! Call us today at 800 732 7534!

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