August 31, 2010

The MB crusher bucket was the first of its kind to arrive on the market and operates by exploiting the hydraulic system of the excavators on which it is installed.

It can be used on the entire range of excavators, from 8 tons upwards, and its areas of application are numerous: demolition work, building work in general, upgrading of ex industrial and urban areas, treatment of material from excavation work, the earth moving sector and road work, quarries and mines, environmental clearance work and rock breaking applications.

Its versatility and consequent advantages have led to a large scale production of the MB crusher bucket: the bucket crushes any type of material directly on site, with the exception of iron, and enables the collection of the product to be crushed for storage on trucks or in the excavated hole to be filled, thus making for more rapid work.

MB crusher buckets enable a significant reduction in outlay costs and the recycling of inert material without needing to pass via landfills, the latter a fundamental factor both in terms of respect of the environment and savings in disposal.

MB offers 4 models of crusher buckets. The flexibility of the bucket crusher is extraordinary, enabling small and large firms alike, working in the building, demolition, and earth moving sectors in general, to recycle material obtained from crushing directly on site. MB products are highly efficient, not only in building and excavation work, but also in special applications, such as land clearance, vine trenching and rock breaking applications.

As well as the bucket crusher, MB has also developed an iron separator, fundamental for the separation of iron from inert material. The MB iron separator is the result of constant research aimed at finding innovative solutions able to simplify the operations of crushing and separation of iron from inert material, thus enabling the resale of materials, with notable profits for companies.

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