The New Baldor•Dodge Pre-lubricated GRID-LIGN Coupling Maximizes Productivity, Minimizes Downtime


August 29, 2011

Fort Smith, Ark.Baldor Electric Company, a Fort Smith, Arkansas-based manufacturer of energy-saving, industrial electric motors, drives, mechanical power transmission products and generators, introduces the  Baldor•Dodge pre-lubricated GRID-LIGN coupling, a maintenance-free, lubed-for-life design that eliminates the time and expense associated with preventive maintenance.   Interchangeable with existing grids, hubs and covers, this product is easy to install with no mess, and eliminates unexpected downtime associated with improper coupling lubrication.

The unique, environmentally friendly design of the pre-lubricated GRID-LIGN coupling features high-performance synthetic oil impregnated into a polymer shell that encapsulates the grid element. This polymer shell allows for efficient, long-lasting lubrication throughout the life of the coupling. The polymer acts as a reservoir for the oil that prevents contamination during installation and avoids the mess required with greasing a traditional grid design.

The coupling not only includes the optimal amount of lubrication for the life of the element, but the synthetic oil used actually improves the lubricating performance of the grid segment during operation. Baldor•Dodge pre-lubricated GRID- LIGN coupling components are interchangeable with competitive tapered-style grid couplings. Interchangeability includes use with complete vertically or horizontally split covers and half or full spacers.

This new product can be specified via the online Dodge coupling selection program. Go to, select “online tools” and click PT Wizard. Following a login, select “product selection” and click “coupling.” The coupling selection program is user-friendly and gives customers the opportunity to customize the coupling selection to their exact application needs.

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