The new CX135


October 31, 2007

The new CX135 minimum-swing-radius excavator from Case Construction Equipment features engine power at 88 net horsepower (66 kW), bucket digging force of 20,165 pounds (89.7 kN) and a tight swing radius of 4 feet 10 inches (1.48 m) for performance cramped job sites such as road construction or landscaping. The tail-swing radius for the CX135 is 2 feet 1 inch (0.64 m) tighter than for the Case 9007B and the CX130.

The CX135 delivers dig depths up to 17 feet 11 inches (5.47 m) and a work diameter of 9.1 feet (2.77 m). The CX135 also features a hydraulically controlled dozer blade with maximum depth of 8 inches (203 mm) and height of 1 foot 4 inches (406 mm).

CX135SR Net Engine Power 65.6 kW
88 hp
Max Bucket Size

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