The ROC T35M – straightforward design, groundbreaking performance


April 8, 2010

March 30, 2010 – Commerce City, CO – The ROC T35M combines the straightforward design concept of Atlas Copco’s former CM and ECM lines with the well-tested features of the ROC family. The ROC T35M is equipped with the COP 1840 rock drill with 18 kW of drilling power to drill holes ranging from 2.5-4 inches in diameter to a depth of 82 feet. Powered by a Cummins QSB 6.7 Tier III engine rated at 190 hp (142 kW) at 2300 rpm, the ROC T35M features an oil flooded screw compressor that operates at 248 cfm at 141 psi for optimum flushing. With a new modular design developed for the next generation of Atlas Copco’s surface crawler drill rigs, the ROC T35M focuses on productivity, hole quality and cost efficiency.

Smooth Feeding

The ROC T35M matches percussion power and feed to the rock. The hydraulic-based control system – COP Logic – adjusts the feed speed, feed pressure and impact pressure in real time according to the rock conditions. Cylinder driven feeding ensures constant contact to the rock and optimal use of the rock drill. This contributes to a higher penetration rate and ensures higher quality, straight holes.

The sliding surfaces are protected by steel caps that, if changed as scheduled, virtually eliminate wear on the feed profile. Due to the special shape of the guiding surfaces, the cradle moves smoothly, reducing bending stress on the rod joints.

The ROC T35M features a carousel with rocker switch rotation and single joystick control. The carousel can handle up to six, 12-foot rods plus a 14-foot starter rod.

Powerful drilling performance

The COP 1840 rock drill is highly productive, yet cost efficient. Its 18 kW of drilling power result in higher penetration rates with less input energy and, therefore, reduced fuel consumption.

The COP 1840’s internal double dampening piston keeps the shank in position and reduces the bouncing effect, working like the shock absorber on a car. This ensures more efficient transfer of energy and increased drill steel life.

Improved visibility to the bit and a 31-inch (800 mm) boom extension allow quick and accurate positioning, especially from a prepared bench. The boom extension also makes it easier to stabilize the rig, reducing the risk of alignment error and expanding the coverage area by reaching more holes per set up.

Built for durability and safety

The ROC T35M is a robust machine. The heavy duty tracks are protected with full-length rock guards. The undercarriage clears the ground by 16.5 inches and this, combined with the +/- 10 degree track oscillation, helps tramming over rough terrain.

Maintenance is simplified thanks to full-size spring operated canopy doors that allow easy access to all routine service points. Filters – oil filters, hydraulic filters, engine filters – are located on the perimeter of the machine for quick replacement.

Bulkheads offer excellent hose management. Individual grooves keep the hoses separate and reduce wear. Hoses and cables are clearly marked and are easily traceable for repair and replacement.

The spacious FOPS and ROPS certified cab features a fully adjustable operator seat with armrest joystick drilling controls. The operator has an unobstructed view from the front glass, while the roof glass features a wiper to provide good visibility to the feed top.

With its straightforward design and groundbreaking performance, Atlas Copco’s ROC T35M offers the high productivity rates you want with the lower cost-per-drilled foot you demand.

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