The Shuster Years, Part 2

Therese Dunphy

November 28, 2012

Bud Shuster

When I learned that Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) would serve as the next chairman of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure (for more on Shuster’s appointment, click here), I was quickly reminded of another Shuster to fill that spot — his father, Bud Shuster. 

During Shuster’s tenure as chairman from 1995-2001, the aggregate industry benefited greatly. Shuster, the elder, understood two very important concepts:

1) The importance of a healthy transportation system to the nation’s overall economic health; and

2) Working in a bi-partisan manner to achieve his committee’s goals.

 Shuster fought to protect highway funding when leaders in both parties wanted to make Highway Trust Fund monies available for other uses. It was also during his tenure that TEA-21 was passed.

As the torch passes to another Shuster, I hope the committee is a focused, bipartisan, and effective as it was under Bud Shuster’s leadership.

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