The Top 100 Transportation Challenges in Texas

Tina Grady Barbaccia

January 16, 2013

TRIP, a national nonprofit transportation research group based in Washington, D.C.,  will be releasing the report, Texas’ Top 100 Transportation Challenges and the Improvements Needed to Address Them,”  at an afternoon press conference on Jan. 17. (AggMan will post the findings of the report on its website as soon as the report is given.)

The report, to be presented by Carolyn Bonifas Kelly, TRIP’s associate director of research and communication, identifies the 100 most pressing transportation challenges in Texas and the fixes needed to address them.

It also identifies and ranks 38 segments of the state’s major roads and highways that have significant levels of traffic congestion; seven sections of major roads or highways that have significant pavement deterioration and need to be reconstructed; 11 segments of state roadways that need safety improvements; 11 major bridges in the state that have significant deficiencies and need to be rebuilt or reconstructed; and, 33 roadway facilities in the state that have multiple needs, including congestion, safety, pavement or bridge challenges. Of the 100 transportation challenges identified in the report, 12 are located in the Austin area, including four of the top 25 challenges.


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