VIDEO: Thornton Quarry protects Chicagoland

Therese Dunphy

October 9, 2013

thorntonblastA quarry blast drew both a crowd and cheers as it was set off at Hanson Material Service Corp.’s Thornton Quarry last month.

The blast marked the beginning of construction of the Thornton Composite Reservoir, which, according to the Chicago Tribune, is the largest portion, to date, of the Deep Tunnel floodwater control system.

The project is expected to create the largest reservoir of its kind in the world. Over the last 15 years, the quarry has initiated approximately 4,000 blasts as 76 million tons of limestone were processed.

While the portion of the operation north of I-80 will serve to protect the greater Chicago area, mining is expected to continue on Thornton’s southern operation for decades.

Check out the video below to watch the blast.

[youtube rOKqdE_wLFk nolink]

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