Three Generations of Luck


December 1, 2012

By Therese Dunphy


In today’s challenging environment, many businesses put profits before people. The focus is on the bottom line, and creating shareholder value is the primary mission. Not so at Luck Companies. This nearly 90-year-old business thrives by focusing on people.

The company founder, Charles Luck II, always said, “Do right by your people, and they’ll do right by you.” A generation later, his son, Charles Luck III, championed the “We Care” motto throughout the company. Today, people are at the heart of Charles S. Luck IV’s mission to ignite their potential through values based leadership.

Through values based leadership, Luck Companies uses four core values — leadership, integrity, commitment, and creativity — to drive all of its business decisions. These values are not simply a consultant-based ideology displayed on the wall and ignored. Rather, they have been used to steer Luck Companies through both difficult decisions and business successes.

“Our belief is that you start with people,” Luck says. “We believe, and the research would tell you very clearly, that you will perform better financially if you start with people and mission and values rather than if you start with outcome, financial performance, etc.”

In fact, the company mantra is this: At Luck Companies, we believe doing good (making a difference) is the best path to doing well (personal or business performance).Values based leadership is how we do good and why we do well. It neatly turns conventional wisdom on its head, and the results at Luck Companies bear out its success.

Luck is now taking the values based leadership message outside the company to the national and, eventually, the global stage. Why? Not for corporate profits, but because Luck truly believes that a single person can make a positive difference in the world.

“One of the best parts of values based leadership and everything it stands for is that it’s 100-percent authentically who Charlie is as a person,” says Mark Fernandes, chief leadership officer, Luck Companies. “It is what he values. It is what he believes in.”

As an individual who truly is making a positive difference in the world, the staff of Aggregates Manager is honored to recognize Charles S. Luck IV as our 2012 AggMan of the Year. Read more about this visionary leader on page 12.



3 Things I Learned from this Issue


1. The number of guarding violations issued by MSHA declined 26 percent between 2010 and 2011, page 4.


2. Efficient railroad operations can unload 12 cars of aggregate per hour, page 17.


3. FMSHRC added a seventh factor — aka, the deterrent clause — to the six criteria for monetary penalties outlined in Section 110(i), page 32.






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