Titan Accelerated Change Technology (ACT) changes mining industry


March 31, 2011

DES MOINES, Iowa — Titan Wheel Corporation has introduced Accelerated Change Technology (ACT) wheel, a design that allows a service technician to change or rotate the rear tires on a mine haul truck in a fraction of the time. The system also helps enhance safety, reduces service technician fatigue and increases profitability by reducing tire maintenance downtime.                                            

“The ACT wheel is designed for use on the outside rear wheel position on mining haul trucks,” says Jeremy Martin, customer service representative for Titan Wheel. “The advantage is that once installed, there’s no need to remove nuts or clamps to rotate the tires off and on the haul truck. A service technician simply slides the tire in parts across the outside wheel. In layman’s terms, the technology allows you to rotate or change the inside tire, without having to take the outside rim off of the unit.” 

Featuring two-piece lock rings that can release the tire assembly from the wheel, the ACT wheel allows for easy removal. When an inside dual tire needs to be changed, it simply slips over the outer dual wheel. Employing a double-lock system that stops rotation of the side flange, the ACT wheel prevents expulsion of the flange and helps control tire slippage. The back and bead incorporates a full 360 degree pry-bar pocket which aids service personnel in demounting the tire from the wheel. A “Sur-Loc” rim component inside the bead band prevents tire inflation if the lock ring is misassembled.

The Titan ACT wheel helps save mining contractors nearly 50 percent of the time previously spent changing tires. This time savings translates into less downtime for tire maintenance and more operational time for each haul truck.

“Mines are cost-conscious and when a haul truck is out of service for maintenance or tire exchanges, that’s basically revenue that the mine is losing,” says Martin. “So it’s important to quickly get that unit back in operation.”

The ACT wheel also enhances safety and reduces service technician fatigue. Service technicians no longer need to handle the outside wheel, which can weigh thousands of pounds. In addition, the ACT wheel reduces the use of heavy impact wrenches that were required in the past to torque and retorque 50 to 60 wheel nuts when removing a wheel and tire assembly.

ACT wheels are compatible with every size and brand of mining tires on the market, and are available for every haul truck make and model.

Titan wheels are manufactured by Titan Wheel Corporation a subsidiary of Titan International. For more information on Titan wheel products and services, visit the company’s website at www.titan-intl.com or e-mail Titan International at sales@titan-intl.com.

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