Titan Tire’s next generation mining tire

Tina Grady Barbaccia

June 10, 2011

Titan Tire Corp. says its next generation 007 MFT mining tire offers enhanced durability, a more aggressive tread pattern, and improved heat dissipation. According to Titan, testing shows that the nylon casing design ran 15-percent cooler than the steel casing in an equivalent tire, which makes the tire less susceptible to sidewall fatigue and cut damage.

A new triple-bead belt package is said to improve durability, as well as cut, chip, and wear characteristics of the tire. Sipes are incorporated into the tire lugs to provide additional traction and heat dissipation. A non-solid center tread design helps reduce internal heat generation and allows the heat to more easily dissipate, which allows end users to run haul trucks longer distances and at higher speeds. The tires are available in 59/80R63, 53/80R63, 40.00R57, and 27.00R49 sizes.

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