Top 25 Rollouts of 2012


December 5, 2012

This MINExpo year brought the introduction of a multitude of new and innovative products and equipment, from larger sizes with increased production to Tier 4 offerings with near-zero emissions.


by Kerry Clines, Senior Editor and Therese Dunphy, Editor-in-Chief



Atlas Copco Construction Tools

Solid-body hydraulic breaker

Atlas Copco says its new SB 702 hydraulic breaker is the world’s only 700 kg hydraulic breaker with a solid body, making it compact and easy to handle. The percussion mechanism and guide system are integrated into a single block of steel, eliminating the need for side bolts. The integrated, maintenance-free accumulator is easily accessible, yet well protected from bangs and knocks. The unit works with a wide oil flow range and can be installed on a broad variety of carriers. Double tool-retainer bars minimize stress and wear on the working tools. Energy recovery helps to absorb recoil, resulting in less wear and tear on the carrier and more comfort for the operator.

Atlas Copco Construction Tools; Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit




Breaker Technology, Inc.

Next-generation boom system

BTI’s new high-velocity control (HVC) boom system provides “fly by wire” computer-assisted control, allowing simultaneous dip and hoist functionality. This is said to enable greater production through rapid, smooth motion into and out of the gyratory crusher rock box. The “smart” boom features a high-horsepower electric motor, high flow-rate pumps with constant horsepower control, a high-flow directional control valve, and an electrical boom position feedback for speed and pressure control. Breaker Technology, Inc.;

Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit



Case Construction Equipment

Increased fuel economy

Case’s new 621F wheel loader features a 6.7-liter Tier 4 Interim engine that delivers up to 162 horsepower. A new dual-mode shutdown feature maximizes fuel economy and monitors vital engine components. The operator can limit idle time by using the fuel-saver mode; desired shutdown time can be set in five-minute increments. The loader includes standard limited-slip front and rear axles for traction in all conditions. Operators can move seamlessly between the joystick and steering wheel. The PowerInch feature maintains high RPMs to maximize hydraulic power and control. The cab offers an unobstructed view to both edges of the bucket; a wide window and sloping hood provide clear vision to the rear. Case Construction Equipment; Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit



Caterpillar Inc.

Tier 4 Final haul truck

Caterpillar says its new Tier 4 Final 777G off-highway truck offers next generation transmission control with its Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS), which provides greater productivity at better fuel rates with torque shift management that allows the truck to carry more momentum up grades. The engine requires the use of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and low-ash engine oil, but requires no additional maintenance or operator input. Additional features include enhanced braking and traction control, hydraulic oil-immersed disc brakes, a traction control system that differentiates between tire spin and high-speed turns, wider cab access with hand rails, 50-percent lower noise levels in the cab, and a combination of radar and cameras for enhanced safety and object detection. Maintenance is said to be quick and convenient with ground-level service centers for both electrical connections and fluid fill. Caterpillar, Inc.; Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit



Cemco, Inc./McLanahan Corp.

Portable frac sand plant

Cemco and McLanahan collaborated to produce the industry’s first portable frac sand plant capable of producing two sizes of frac sand. The company says the plant transports easily from one site to the next, is highway legal, and meets all state DOT requirements for transport. The plant design features two units on separate chassis to keep it within the legally transportable height of 13.5 feet. The two units connect with four hoses to make a complete, integrated plant. Only two operators are needed to assemble and disassemble the plant, which is said to take less than eight hours. The self-erecting plant offers an average output of 150 tons per hour, and is built for continuous operation. A one-touch screen control panel regulates and determines the operation and characteristic of the entire plant. The electric-powered plant is designed with minimal moving parts to minimize maintenance and downtime.

Cemco, Inc.; McLanahan Corp.; Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit



Cummins Inc.

Near-zero emissions

Cummins says its QSL9 engine, with up to 400-horsepower output, meets Tier 4 Final near-zero emissions standards with a next-generation compact catalyst and selective catalytic reduction (CCC-SCR) after-treatment system. The company says the engine makes no performance compromises in order to meet the standard, retaining its proven fast engine response and reliability. The after-treatment system provides a fully passive, flow-through operation and enables the engine to further improve fuel efficiency over the current engine. Further, it is configured for a highly compact and flexible equipment installation. The CCC-SCR after-treatment will be available in multiple configurations, including switchback, horizontal, and vertical.

Cummins, Inc.; Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit



Deister Machine Co.

Ultra-fines recovery system

Deister’s new ultra-fines recovery system (UFR) is designed to recover ultra-fine sands and silts, allowing operations to eliminate or greatly reduce the use of settling ponds. The system enables producers to create a dry tailing or silt product for stockpiling for removal or as a saleable product. It is capable of recoveries to 350-400 mesh at feed capacities from 1,500 to 3,500 gallons per minute. The reverse-slope vibrating screen is available in sizes up to 7 feet wide and 12 feet long with solids capacities of up to 70 tons per hour. Victaulic connections allow flexibility and ease of maintenance. A sloped bottom plate promotes even solids flow to the pump inlet, and an automatically adjusted make-up water valve protects the pump. A hand-railed stairway and platform on both sides and back of the screen allow safe and easy maintenance access.

Deister Machine Co.; Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit




How we made our choices

When we ask readers how we can best help them keep track of changes in the products and services they use to produce aggregates, almost everyone wants an annual short list of the really important stuff.

No wonder. The sheer volume of introductions is overwhelming. Aggregates Manager covers dozens of products each year in its RollOuts departments and Supply Lines features.

So each year, our staff reviews all the product introductions we’ve covered for the past year (our Top RollOuts “year” actually runs from the December 2011 issue through the November 2012 issue) to pick out 25 that we believe are worth further review. Our priorities are new concept products, which are rare; new series/new generation products in categories that relate to the aggregates industry; and other rollouts which serve our readers’ interests by increasing competition in a product category.

Inevitably, we omit deserving products, either because we just didn’t understand the significance of the product or because the announcing company didn’t communicate what was special about the product, or both. In either case, we apologize in advance for these omissions.



Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment America

Matches breaker frequency to ground conditions

The DXB260H hydraulic breaker from Doosan features two-speed control of breaker frequency, which allows the operator to match the breaker frequency to the ground conditions. The 5,400-pound breaker delivers up to 600 blows per minute and is designed for use with excavators in the 27- to 37-metric-ton weight range, specifically Doosan’s DX300LC and DX350LC. Standard features include a cradle-mounted grease station that delivers continuous grease flow to reduce bushing and tool wear, and blank-fire protection that uses a cushion of oil at the base of the cylinder to reduce metal-to-metal contact. The breaker’s suspension system extends excavator workgroup life by absorbing harmful vibrations and stress waves. A patented main-valve design reduces hydraulic pressure peaks that can reduce pump life, crack excavator workgroup welds, and cause system overheating. An energy recovery system increases strike power by using energy generated by piston rebound. Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment America;

Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit





Controlled-flow transfer chutes

Flexco uses Tasman Warajay Technology to develop custom transfer chutes for material-handling operations. The controlled-flow technology improves throughput and conveyor belt life, yet reduces excessive dust, spillage, plugging, downtime, belt wear, material degradation, and noise. Each material transfer system is designed to control the flow of material by keeping it in a continuous stream throughout the transfer. Material discharged from the system is deposited softly and uniformly at a predetermined velocity and direction on the receiving belt, so the material settles rapidly and without turbulence. Flexco;

Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit



Hitachi Construction Machinery Co.

Clean-operating excavator

Hitachi says its Zaxis-5 Series excavator — the ZX210-5 — is loaded with customer-driven enhancements. It features an Isuzu EPA IT4-compliant engine that is easy to maintain and requires no special additional fluids other than ultra-low-sulphur diesel fuel and CJ-4 engine oil. The excavator features hydraulics with multiple sensors that instantly feed automatic micro- adjustments for increased hydraulic power to maintain steady movements. A multi-language LCD monitor in the cab tracks scheduled maintenance and provides diagnostic codes to assist in troubleshooting. The boom, arm, and mainframe are warranted for three years or 10,000 hours, whichever comes first. Filters and checkpoints are conveniently grouped, and centralized lube banks are easy to reach. Optional features include a rear-view camera; a control pattern change valve; a variety of track widths, arm lengths, and bucket sizes; high-flow auxiliary hydraulic packages; and more. Hitachi Construction Machinery Co.;

Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit




John Deere

Operator-friendly artic truck

John Deere’s 460E articulated haul truck is said to be the largest, most operator friendly truck ever built. The 46-ton truck features a John Deere PowerTech 13.5L IT4 engine with 481 net horsepower. A purpose-built ZF transmission includes a high-capacity retarder, eight forward gears, and four reverse gears. The new axles include on-the-fly differential locks and outboard planetaries. Axles are independently pressure lubed and filtered and use internal wet disc brakes with independent cooling circuits. With the differential lock system in automatic mode, it will automatically control the axle differential locks and the inter-axle differential lock when ground conditions get soft and difficult, all while the truck is moving. The dump body can be restricted from rising when the rear chassis exceeds a predetermined slope angle to minimize rollover risk. An onboard weighing system allows operators to view the weight and number of loads carried via JDLink. John Deere; Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit



Kleemann, a Wirtgen company

Secondary/tertiary crushing

Kleeman’s 300-ton-per-hour Mobicone MCO 11 tracked mobile cone crusher for secondary and tertiary crushing features a 44-inch-diameter cone crusher as its core. Its 15.7-cubic-yard feed hopper is designed for direct feed up to 10 inches by 10 inches in size from a primary crusher or wheel loader. A variable-speed drive controls material flow from hopper to crusher via a solid rubber belt 40 inches wide. The unit is fed by a vibratory feeder with special wear sheets that prolong feed belt life. The feed conveyor can be retracted for servicing the cone or for transport. The crusher is driven by a 270-horsepower motor and is mounted on rubber supports to reduce vibration. A probe control ensures the crusher is choke-fed. An extra-wide discharge conveyor belt moves product to screen or stockpile and can be elevated to increase stocking capacity. Kleemann;

Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit



Komatsu America Corp.

Powerful, fuel-efficient loader

Komatsu’s WA500-7 wheel loader is powered by a 353-horsepower Komatsu SAA6D140E-6 Tier 4 Interim-certified engine. When equipped with a 7.3-cubic-yard general purpose bucket, the loader features an operating weight of 76,611 pounds and has a maximum speed of 22.1 miles per hour. The loader is equipped with the latest Komtrax technology, which wirelessly sends machine operating information to a secure website. Komatsu Smart Loader Logic increases engine torque when required. Additional features include a large-capacity torque converter with lock-up for improved acceleration and hill-climb ability, a new cab design with lowered front glass and a rounded front dash panel with easy-to-reach switches, and easy access for service and maintenance. Komatsu America Corp.;

Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit



McLanahan Corp.

Hybrid-style crusher

McLanahan’s new rocker tooth crusher is a hybrid-style crusher, which compares to a cross between a hammermill and a single-roll crusher with pivoting teeth. The high-tonnage machine is capable of a large crushing ration in a single crushing station. The crushing hammers are larger and heavier than on a hammermill, and a semi-fixed “rocking” design allows processing of larger feed material. Special design features include an oversized, heavy-duty upper and lower enclosure; a heavy-duty wear-resistant liner package; rocking hammers; special wear-resistant hammer metallurgy; a wear-resistant, perforated-plate crushing deck; and an optional v-belt drive package or direct-coupled drive package.

McLanahan Corp.; Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit




Hydraulic, electric jaw plant

Metso’s Lokotrack LT120 portable jaw crusher plant is available in both hydraulic- and electric-driven versions. The hydraulic version is powered by the new Caterpillar C13 engine. The electric-driven E-version can take energy from either an external power supply or from a 420-kV onboard diesel generator. The plant features a standard 8-cubic-yard or extended 12-cubic-yard feed hopper with sides that can be folded and locked hydraulically. All conveyors have emergency stop wires. Transport dimensions are 52 feet, 6 inches long; 9 feet, 10 inches wide; 12 feet, 10 inches high. Metso; Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit




Safer, longer-lasting tire

Michelin’s XMine D2 multi-purpose tire features integrated B2 technology, which strengthens the bead area, making it ideal for underground mining or heavy-duty extraction operations. The technology is said to eliminate the problems of tires shifting on the rim, which means the engine torque is transmitted more directly to the ground. Its load capacity was increased by up to 24 percent, giving it a two-star rating. Traction and productivity have been optimized while energy consumption and CO2 emissions have been lowered. The tires are available in sizes 26.5 R 25, 29.5 R 25, 29.5 R 29, and 35/65 R 33, and can be mounted on standard rims using a traditional mounting.


Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit



Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc.

Hard-rock truck bodies

The new HiVol hard rock/ore bodies from Philippi-Hagenbuch are designed to handle highly abrasive material, while minimizing carryback and maintenance requirements. The company says the body is narrower at the front than at the back, so material releases immediately when it begins to dump and slides out without abrading the sides. Engineers work with mining customers to identify key factors that will impact the truck body design so that each is customized to the individual mine’s application and specifications.

Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc.; Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit



Powerscreen, a Terex company

Highly flexible portable screen

Powerscreen says its Warrior 1400X portable screen is designed for reduced engine running speed and a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 15 percent in comparison to its predecessor. The unit offers improved versatility and design specifications, improved mobility with a two-speed tracking system as standard, and a screening-angle range of 13 to 19 inches. Standard stockpiling capacity on all conveyors has increased by up to 25 percent. Set-up and shutdown is faster than with the previous model. Serviceability features include a screen box raise function and the ability to raise the collection conveyor. The chute design, in combination with the new feeder under-tray slide-out feature, is said to minimize potential spillage and reduce harmful material buildup around the machine.

Powerscreen; Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit



Sandvik Mining

Next-generation crushing technology

Sandvik says its new Vibrocone crusher is the next generation of crushing technology, which changes the rules for crushing and opens the way for energy savings and new eco-efficient crushing alternatives. It is said to combine the best of conventional crushing and grinding principles to produce a finely crushed product, while enabling up to 30-percent energy savings in downstream processing. In existing crushing circuits with rod and/or ball milling stages, it can replace the rod mills or act as a pre-grinding unit for the ball mills. The technology is covered by several U.S. patents, as well as additional international patents.

Sandvik Mining; Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit




Superior Industries

Precision belt scale

Superior says its new conveyor belt scale is designed to produce precision measurements with two, independent load cells that display readings separately on the diagnostics screen. The scale is available in two models — WB and HD. The WB model, with an accuracy rating of 1.0 percent (+/-0.5 percent), features independent weigh-bridge brackets and accommodates multiple belt widths. The HD model, built with a continuous weigh bridge for increased accuracy and structural integrity, boasts an accuracy rating of 0.5 percent (+/-0.25 percent). Both models can handle up to 2,000 tons per hour of material. An optional speed sensor mounts to most conveyor frames and adjusts to applicable belt widths.

Superior Industries; Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit




Telsmith, Inc., an Astec company

Mine-duty crusher

Telsmith launched its new T900 cone crusher, a mine-duty machine designed to deliver maximum uptime, productivity, safety, and ease of maintenance. Output capacity ranges from 550 to 2,100 metric tons per hour. With up to a 15-inch feed size, the 900-horsepower crusher is designed with eight cylinders, rather than 12, and is said to be rated with the largest-in-class clearing stroke and the highest-in-class crushing force. It is nitrogen-free and engineered with a patented release system that eliminates the need for maintenance-intensive hydraulic accumulators. A new, patent-pending anti-spin feature mounted on top of the machine prevents head spin, which helps to extend manganese life.

Telsmith, Inc.; Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit



Terex Corp.

Highly productive artic truck

Terex’s TA400 Generation 9 articulated haul truck boasts a 444-horsepower Tier 4 Interim-compliant Scania DC13 engine with a maximum torque of 1,548 foot-pounds at 1,350 revolutions per minute and a fully automatic Allison transmission. Additional features include a maximum payload of 41.9 tons, a heaped capacity of 30.3 cubic yards, dual retarder systems, a transmission retarder and exhaust brake, permanent 6 x 6 all-wheel drive, and equalizing rear suspension. The electronic-assisted hood raise and fully tilting cab simplify access to major components and ground-level service points. The truck is equipped with computerized systems that communicate with each other through a CAN-bus system to ensure everything is running at peak efficiency. Terex Corp.;

Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit



Volvo Construction Equipment

Fuel-efficient excavators

Volvo says its D Series EC220D model excavator features a 172-horsepower, D6H/Tier 4 Interim engine, which means greater digging forces, faster cycle times, and better fuel efficiency. The machine is said to offer excellent lifting capacity and stability. Each track is powered by an automatic two-speed shift travel motor and features greased and sealed track chains. The superstructure features anti-slip plates, steps, and handrails for safe access. The Volvo Care Cab is said to provide all-around visibility, a spacious operator environment, and reduced whole-body vibration for prolonged productivity. The smart hydraulic system enables high controllability, responsiveness, and smooth movements along with priority functions. Volvo Construction Equipment;

Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit



Weir Minerals

Pump for harsh environments

Weir Minerals says its new line of Multiflo dewatering pumps can be modified to handle the largest open-mine pits with the harshest water conditions. The heavy-duty, vacuum-primed, diesel-driven MF pump units are custom-built to suit any mine-specific application, ensuring the best performance for each operation and improving productivity. Features include a heavy-duty steel fabricated pump base and canopy, continuous welds, a comprehensive operations and spare parts manual, and skid-base pontoon or trailer mount.

Weir Minerals;

Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit




W.S. Tyler

New approach to maximize screening

W.S. Tyler’s Pro-Deck System is said to take a new approach to screening by implementing an analysis and modification strategy in processing operations to maximize screen productivity and minimize wear by selecting the appropriate type of screen media according to the three phases of screening — layered, basic, and sharp. The company says this approach results in a fully optimized screening process for greater efficiency and productivity, as well as extended screen life. Pro-Deck implements a customized approach and evaluates material characteristics, the current functioning of the plant, and final output qualities to determine the best mix of screen media for each individual operation. The system is said to help eliminate blinding, pegging, premature wear, and unscheduled downtime as well.

W.S. Tyler; Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit


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